Blackrise and Lonetrek are Dead. thnx CCP

The trigg invasion has literally killed the Nonni hub in Lonetrek. As well as the Ichoriya hub in Blackrise. Onnamon has a decent market. But due to no pve content in Ich its pretty much dead too.

Akidagi has a citadel that sells lots of stuff. But its cut off via Ichoriya. Akidagi used to be the best system to get fights, like tama or ami. But now its completely dead, and so is the majority of blackrise.

So no pvp, no pve, means no ones buying anything.


Should’ve fought the trig invasion then…


I know right?

A major invasion is taking place, with permanent consequence to Empire space, and these highsec profiteers industrialists do nothing. I guess they figure someone else should do the work to repel the threat, or maybe it will cut too much into their profits to defend their home (and their income sources).

Well guess what? It’s up to you to defend your space. If you don’t want things to change, then stand up and do something. Don’t just sit their grinding compulsively in your hole and then complain when your home is lost to the invaders.


Edencom - Caldari Navy NPCs suck so bad the systems were lost as soon as they were invaded.

Ichoriya lost almost 10% over downtime alone.

So easy on the criticism, the defenders came to fight (as did the Kybernauts) and couldn’t win it.

This is what I saw after downtime in Ichoriya

This happened all over the system.

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The Akidagi trade hub actually has alot.
It alone has over 2k sell orders and 150b isk in items,ships,rigs etc listed. (Also 4 full pages of contracts out of that station as well ).

Take a look

Taking a day trip now 2 jumps into LS isnt that bad, I dont tend to see any gate campers around that area either. The citadel there is actually livable because of the services as well. Just gotta poke your head into LS more often

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Bro. Theres no one in the system. Nennemalia is almost completely vacant. Ichoriya is only populated by gate campers. So the market in aki is useless. You will see the trends on the market stats in a month or so.

Not to mention the pipe to placid is invaded by sansha incursion. 4 systems of scram frigs and bs on gates. Im just saying, this is getting stupid. Im in the process of moving to npc nullsec to get away from it

What people seem to forget is that yes, Caldari systems were easier for Trigs to push, but Amarr systems would literally push themselves against the invasions. Wondered why EDENCOM have some many fortresses? (ignoring the fact that literally half of them wouldn’t be with the new system rules) If no one went to an Amarr system it would hit Redoubt on it’s own over the space of hours.
Thing is, no one from EDENCOM will ever come out and say that it needed to happen because an Amarr nerf has finally leveled the playing field and made Amarr systems worth fighting for again.

See you on grid


You should have fought the triglavian
Instead you probably just watch and complain about, AKA be salty about it.

And now you are here, created a forum so that we all know that you are angry because you just watch and do nothing about it


…is a red herring.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.

This thread is about Lonetrek and Blackrise markets and the players they supply. Despite your opinion. The fact is these two regions now have a reduced player population. Blackrise in particular.

Right, but every Anti-Triglavaian invasion thread consists of people crying that the Caldari need a buff while ignoring the fact that the largest number of systems invaded were Amarr, the race which was far more unbalanced, so my point still stands

Black Rise being dead market is because as a Black Rise resident, I can just run to Jita whenever. Nowhere in Black Rise can compete.

Hello, thank you for the thread, interesting read.
It would seem like the situation you describe could be or could become a problem, yet most posters seem to dismiss the very idea that it could be a problem, even though I’m sure you didn’t dream what you saw in those systems.
I cannot reconcile the two opinions for lack of experience.
Happy moving though… Don’t get ganked in the process.

Its not surprising though since this has been the stated intention of CCP since beginning. The removal of highsec via slowburn invasions. Majority of highsec is scheduled to fall by December as they ramp up.

Nothing to see here. Working as intended.

Not true Black Rise has been very low in trade on the MER that CCP puts out and hasent had a lot of trade value in the past year.

Also saying its because Jita is to close and people can just go there that is untrue as well. I sell a lot of stuff just a few jumps out of jita (4 jumps) same with any other place people will buy even if Jita is a few jumps away. I have a trade hub in Tash-murkon and thats 1 jump from Amarr. People ship a lot in Tash- and I make a good profit off of it! So has nothing to do with being close to jita.

The main reason for black rise is the residents that live there Snuff/Pen etc. you will get dropped and killed quickly in those areas. Others can not really move in and setup shop to play in that area due to the locals that live in the area. Put up a citadel it will prob get burned down pretty quick.

Adding to what Eden Trade said your citadel wont survive anchoring before you get capped dropped so its fun living down here :slight_smile:

Hey, at least you don’t have to buy a quantum core, amiright? Look on the bright side.

Could you link this statement? I’m coming back from hiatus, and google isn’t giving me anything to validate. Thank you.

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