All Traders: Say NO to IChooseYou Trade Hub!

Dear Traders,

Recently IChooseYou increased broker’s fee from 0.3% to 0.5% at his trade hub. That was ALMOST 100% increase!! Can you imagine what’s coming next if we keep feeding this greedy bastard? I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before he increases it to 1.0% or higher. With all the PLEXes, Skill Injectors, Skill Extractors, and Multiple Pilot Training Cert being traded there, this dude is making a killing. For every 1 billion isk traded there, this dude is earning 5mil isk passively!! On average, 6000 Skill Injectors are traded daily. At least 90%, or almost 5,500 Skill Inectors, are being traded there daily. At 750mil a piece and 0.5% broker fee, he is making 3.75mil per injector traded for a total of about 20 BILLION isk earned passively PER DAY or 600 BILLION per month!!! This is just from Skill Injector trading!! You can do the math for PLEXes and the other items commonly traded there.

My point is, if we let this continue, eventually there will be an inbalance of wealth in this game. When he grows too strong financial, he can hire more guns to protect his trading hub, and he WILL definitely pass the cost to you by increasing the broker fee. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS GUY NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. I’ve already stop trading there. SAY NO TO IChooseYou trade hub!!!

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There already has been for a very, very long time. Where have you been?

Having said that, suck it up, buttercup. Market PvP is as much a part of EVE as any other type of PvP. You don’t like what a certain player is doing with the market? Place your own citadel and market and compete…


yes, it will be like the Eve Casino… If we don’t stop IChooseYou now, eventually he will pass the level that the Eve Casino owners were at… just a matter of time!!!

And the problem with that is? Who gives a ■■■■. I can use my credit card to instantly obtain 100 billion in PLEX. What difference does that make to your gameplay?


Not everyone can afford to buy 100 billion in PLEX with real money. And yes, if we let this continue, it will affect EVERYONE’s gameplay. You know why? Everything in Eve Online is run by ISK. Killmail is weight in ISK. ISK can hire guns to do what you want. Isk can _____ (fill in the blank).

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone is equal. Not in real life, and not in EVE. Some people have more money than others. Some people are better at PvP, etc… That’s just the way it is. No need to turn EVE into an “everybody is equal” socialist utopia…


And QuakeGod, it costs about $1250 US Dollars to buy about 100 billion isk worth of PLEXes. I doubt most Eve players can afford that… Kudos to you if you can afford that every month. Please post your RMT transaction to show us how rich you are in real life… Hahahahahaaa. I doubt you will because I don’t think you can afford it. Not that you don’t have the $1250 but that you cannot afford to spend it on PLEXes.

And some people in real life have way more money than I do. But do you see me trying to get people to stop using their business because they are making too much money? No.

Your argument is like the current crop of SJW socialists that cry over the “elites” having more money than them…


@QuakeGod argueing against you is pointless. All I want to do is point out the fact about the IChooseYou trade hub. No more, no less. Now why don’t you move along… All your future posts will be ignored.

Yes, arguing against me is pointless. You won’t win. Now, having said that, let’s get back to IChooseYou trade hub. What’s the problem with this person making as much ISK as he/she can in-game? Who gives two shits how much ISK they have or who they can hire?

Either way it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I’ve never bought anything from IChooseYou. If it’s not at the station at Jita 4-4, I don’t buy it…

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You won’t win against ichooseyou either.


I know but I still want to point out the fact that the dude is making about 20 BILLION ISK, yes that is “B” as in Billion, passively PER DAY just from people trading Skill Injectors there! 20,000,000,000 ISK per DAY PASSIVELY!!! And he will only continue to increase the broker fee… doubling it to 1% pretty soon I believe. That will bring him 40 BILLION per day just from injector trading!!

Sometime I wonder what IChooseYou does with all the ISK. I calculated he’s receiving about 1500 BILLION (or 1.5 trillion) isk per month from broker fee. Is he RMT’ing / selling isk for real money?

And? There are a couple thousand mining bot fleets making billions passively every single day. I’d like something done about that. Guess we’re both ■■■■ outta luck…

His trade hub isn’t the only to raise. I’m most certain the eve mogul did as well. This isn’t just an icy thing so at least turn off the tunnel vision and call out everyone equally

He has to fork over a portion to Gobbins last I heard…

Sure, everyone may be raising their broker fee as well but IChooseYou trade hub is where all the action is. 90% of PLEXes, Skill Injector, and Multiple Pilot Training Cert are traded there netting about 1500 Billion isk per month in broker fee as profit for IChooseYou. And I’m sure he’ll double the broker fee pretty soon as no competitor or action is taken against him…

You should write him a strongly worded letter


Maybe he can build an upwell Palatine keepstar with the fat broker fees or your tears. #wineve


If the competitors weren’t in some agreement on the brokers tax, then I’m not sure why panfam and yeti would also increase to .5%, it would give them the edge to stay at .3%.

So again, you pinpoint ICY because he gets the majority of the sales, but everyone else is onboard with the raised taxes, Yeti, panfam, Icy. I think that says more about the group then the individual you are targeting with this.

Everyone raises their fees or suffers the wrath of Greedy Gobbins… You’re mad at the wrong person.