All Traders: Say NO to IChooseYou Trade Hub!

Don’t you find this to be the new Eve Casino?

It’ll all get shut down because no one can make dank isk and resist rmt.

Yeah, I wonder what he does with over 1000 Billion per month in profit (assuming he pays 500 billion per month to whoever that’s protecting him)? Serious question…

Probably 5000 mptc, 20,000 skill extractors, 1 million plex, 20,000 injectors and a I have no life ungodly sized sp farm.

yup, you got it right. not including his SP farm, i’m estimating that he is making about 1500 Billion isk per month just from broker fee.

i run an SP farm myself of about 160 characters and i profit about 500mil per farmer or 80 bil per month after all fees subtracted. I know for a fact that IChooseYou runs a larger SP farm himself because he’s one of my competitors on the character bazaar forum. this dude, by himself, is making a godly amount of isk in this game… and i don’t even think he PvP at all… but i do, and that’s my isk sink hole.

You can get some business cards that tells everyone you’re worth 100 trillion isk in Eve Online.


Eve Casino used gambling, which is now illegal in Eve after World War Bee. IChooseYou is not using gambling.

Honestly there will reach a point where if every citadel or complex owner keeps ratcheting up the tax they will start discouraging traders from working there and people will simply flock to the cheapest hub available… Jita 4-4 CNAP. Jita will remain there as a fallback option simply because of the security it offers to traders everywhere in terms of what happens to their transactions.

Be happy that it is not Goons who own this hub.

No. Do you know what I find is the new EVE Casino? This. this and this.

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If you aren’t happy with the hub, drop your own Azbel and compete at 0.3% or 0.2%. Yours can be placed anywhere in the Forge region for purposes of the PLEX/Injector market.

Your ‘hub’ will die fast, but if it makes more ISK than it costs…

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Spend all your time focusing on how its unfair someone else built a successful venture and you will never build your own. Life isn’t just passing you by, you consciously choose to let it drag you down OP.

Be inspired to innovate and be as successful, both in and outside Eve


Basic economics says that so long as he’s charging less than an NPC station he’s gonna get a lot of business. Good for him on seizing an opportunity. If you don’t like it, put a Fortizar wherever the hell you want and compete with him.

If it was so easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

I choose U because I have no fear of his stations being popped, his rates are cheaper than everyone else. if you feel he is so bad deploy a station with lower rates and f’ng defend it as well as he does.

My only dislike of him is that he rarely uses voice comms for banter and is not interested in market manipulations with others.

Yep, all the sock puppets of Gobbins march in step when he gives the order. ICY, Mogul, all the same spineless and greedy scumbags.

I told you so, when CCP kowtow to the nullsec RMT cartels with the timer changes to highsec structures ordered by CSM.

Doesn’t affect my gameplay even the slightest so no concern to me at all. :sunny: :blush: :beach_umbrella:

Also kudos to him building his virtual trade empire and being successful at it, hopefully he enjoys what he is doing as it must be like a second job… if not a first one. :clap:

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You do realize this is Eve Online, right? An internet spaceship game that is all about hypercapitalism. Hell, we even have anarchocapitalism running amok in null-sec space. Did you honestly believe that there hasn’t been an imbalance of wealth in this game already after 15 years of operations?


but not at this level… we are talking about 1.5 trillion isk per month PASSIVELY!! and if he increases broker fee from 0.5% to 1%, which he will eventually, it’ll be over 3 trillion isk per month PASSIVELY…

So long as people have the ISK to pay for that tax and so long as his station’s tax is cheaper than the NPC station in Jita 4-4, he’ll be ok. Until of course someone some disgruntled spai gains a certain directorship and starts messing up everything and then everyone is back to Jita 4-4. I still remember the good old days of Eve Bank and how they scammed everyone.

you are wildly overestimating the amount of action his trade hub gets

if he is making 1.5b trillion isk passively he would not waste his time with trading 20-30b characters like he is now

if he was making 1.5trillion isk passively you can bet your ass more nullsec alliances would be getting in on high sec trade citadels.

no doubt he is making a lot on this but who cares, still noticeably cheaper than jita

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