Blank screen upon entering fortizar

I logged in to a fully functioning game. Waited for my jump clone timer to run out and then proceeded to jump clone into a clone that was located in a fortizar. As soon as the jump was complete, I had most of my UI (neocomm, chat windows, frame for the citadel interface only no buttons, etc), but the rest of the screen was black. The assets window, including the citadel hangers version, were blank.

I tried to log (couldn’t get the esc window). Killed the game via task manager. Relogged (character selection screen was ok) to find completely blank screen (nothing except game-skinned mouse). Killed the game and logged into a different character (one not in a citadel) and had no problems. Attempted to log the first character again and got only the blank screen with game-skinned mouse.

At least one other person in my alliance has stated the same problem.

edit: spelling

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