[BLDZ] [USTZ Primary/Late EU Secondary] Blades of Liberty OPEN FOR BUSINESS and recruiting!

Fight Tyranny! Fly with the Blades of Liberty! [Newbro Friendly] [Guristas / Gallente Direct Enlistment FW] [USTZ] [HS/LS PVP-Industry]

Blades of Liberty [BLDZ] is a newly formed Corporation actively recruiting Capsuleers of all experience levels who want to make the most of the upcoming Havoc Expansion!

BLDZ’s primary focus is building our organization to support Lowsec PVP via Direct Enlistment in Gallente Faction Warfare, Hisec group PVE through Homefronts. along with Mining & Industrial opportunities in hi and lowsec, and preparation for Pirate FW in Havoc. Long term, we want Blades of Liberty to be a fun and mature community of friends who enjoy flying internet spaceships together. We are looking for enthusiastic players to join us. Roleplay is encouraged and supported, but not required.

Many of our founding leaders and core members were members of Moira. Corporation, which was a pillar of the now retired Villore Accords Alliance [GMVA] in Gallente & Minmatar Faction Warfare for 14 years. GMVA remains the #1 All Time top killer Alliance of the Gallente Federation on zkill to this day.

Now we plan to honor that legacy while building something new with BLDZ. Where Moira. was dedicated to the defense of the Gallente Federation, BLDZ will be dedicated to conducting hybrid warfare against the Caldari State. Our mission will be to defeat their tyranny by any means necessary. To that end we will support Guristas Insurgencies in Caldari State territory through military action and industrial logistics support.

Newer Capsuleers are welcome and will be trained and given ships to fly. BLDZ members are not required to Enlist in FW, and will have unrestricted access to high security space.

More experienced pilots will find an excellent home among the Blades. Direct Enlistment in either Guristas or Gallente Faction Warfare depending on Corporate operational goals will be encouraged, but not required.

Above all the Blades are a community of friends - respect for each other and positive attitudes are key. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, apply now!


★Active Leadership + Active Community

★Pirate & Empire Faction Warfare content, Lowsec & NPC Nullsec roams

★Access to militia-wide coms & fleets

★Lowsec Staging System 2 Jumps from Zarzakh

★Highsec Staging with Industrial Support

★Learn PVP in a supportive environment with skill plan guidance, fitting instruction, scouting & reconnaissance, solo & small gang combat tactics, & more

★Learn to FC in EVE’s most dynamic small gang PVP region

★Learn to build an Arsenal of Freedom with mentorship on mining operations, industrial manufacturing, & market opportunities

★Drama Free Community, with mature corpmates & leadership who encourage a healthy EVE / Life balance


★Discord w/ working mic for PVP

★A desire to PvP/learn PvP OR desire to learn & participate with corp industrial activities

★A positive attitude and willingness to be a team player

If you are interested in joining us,

Join our in game public channel: “Blades of Liberty”

Join Our Discord: Blades of Liberty

We look forward to flying with you soon!

BLDZ Contacts:

Jose Audanie, Industrial Program Mentor

Rinai Vero, Director of Operations / Diplomacy

Julianus Soter, CEO

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Can’t wait for Havoc!

Yeah Havoc will be great. Little healthy bump in there while we’re at it. Need more dudes to blow up the bad guys!

Had some great fights during prime time today, come down and let’s shoot stuff together!

Come join us. Good solid core of returning players, and FW is actually fun again.

Havoc is just around the corner and BLDZ is still seeking recruits!

We do a little RP:

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