LowSec PvPvE Corp Recruitment [USTZ - AUTZ - EUTZ]

If you like to Blast Booty and get paid, you came to the right place.

You want to fly with experienced and knowledgeable pilots? We have em.

You’re a great PvP pilot yourself, but you want to fly with more than just your alts?
Your content is getting stale and your comms seem to be gathering dust?
Maybe you’re trying to find a place for your Industry to kick off.
Maybe you aren’t super stressed about what the corp is doing, you just want to have people you can actually play the game with rather than logging in and ship spinning.

It’s your lucky effing day chief.

Booty Blasters Inc. is a Low Sec PvP alliance based in the Forge, with industrial complex’s available in close proximity to major trade hubs so you can Krab profitably to pay for your PvP addiction.

Our leadership has had years of experience in almost every facet of EVE, from Null sec and Sov warfare, to hard core industry action and are some of the most elite low sec small roamers to ever destroy pixels (not me though, I’m carry on).

We recently elected to come together and carve out our own area of space, and we are looking for more experienced pilots. We want you. We want your ships. We want your knowledge. We want you to un-dock and wreck havoc.

It’s time to ship up and shoot people.
It’s better to be blast-ing than to get blast-ed.

Main recruiting corp right now is 2 Pirates 1 Cup. We’re young, We’re dumb and we’re full of cu- ambition.
We have things that we want to achieve and we’d like you to get rich doing it with us. Worst case scenario, we will have a ■■■■ load of fun.

Our Public Channel: 2cup1pub

See you there, idiots.

I know there are Aussies out there looking for a place.

We’ve got you, trust me.

I’m kinda at a loss atm, I’m looking for some friendly pirates to fly with.

I’ve been around the block about 10 times lol

You sound fun.

I’m active 0700-1400ish

Good group of guys, come join us for low sec fun.

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Yo, this ad has actually been working?

Nobody is more surprised than me.

We need more people out here to make a mockery of F1 monkeys.

If you can actually fly, hit us up in game.

Hi, come join the fun. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looking for a relaxed, no drama pvp corp?

Come for a chat.

Our Public Channel: 2cup1pub


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Kills and fun to be had.

Join today :grin:

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We are looking for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: