BLOG - Its great to be free again

So it’s been 16 years since I started playing and I have seen eve change dramatically over the years.

Im tiberiusric CEO of Comply Or Die (CODIE) and my other main Jebidus Skari - I formed way back in 2006 after Tri Mk1 disbanded. and yes we are still going and so am I surprisingly!

Corps, alliances come and go, major wars won and lost. Back in ASCN and Bob days, then Morsus Mihi and Razor in the North with Iron and Pure as part of the real Northern Coalition and then of course Goonswarm, Atlas and Test emerging. Particularly remember when test was just an upcoming Goon pet.

I look back at those days fondly some of my best times in eve, with great friends and stirring things up with Tri MK1.

Where 50-100 man gangs nano and RR BS was normal meta, and piracy was real piracy and was scary as ■■■■ when you jumped through the gate and saw those little red flashes on your overview, pretty much knowing it was over.

Where Amamake was PL’s home with Heretic Army and Rancer was the worse place to be and where high-sec wars cost 50mill ISK and Privateers just war-decced everyone making the Jita undock one of the most dangerous places in Eve

When SOV was about POS Bashing and whoever put down the most POS’s won. When refueling a POS was a hardous task and those faction death stars where your friend.

When we used to have to put in our bios who we were friendly with and we used to shout in local ‘check my bio’ to avoid what we now call blue on blue.

When we used to have learning skills, we had to train before anything else!

When we used to have those real 10/10 DED sites like dungeons where that was a real risk maker, and where fights occurred.

Sure Eve wasn’t perfect, it needed fixing and it was much harder back then, but it was fun, it was always about just getting on comms, with your mates and just going out shooting stuff. The great thing was people would equally form up to shoot back and have fun. No excuses just let’s meet in the middle and blast away, no one cared, everyone could loot the field and leave happy, dead or alive.

CODIE back when started was a great little corp, we started after Trk MK1 ended and went into Piracy, had some great fun and joined Goodfellas when they were a great nano roaming alliance. We fought in the Max Bob wars, took Deklein and as a corp we grew quite a lot and was pretty damn good.

But as many years go on, Eve changes, people leave and we had our ups and down. People took breaks, so did i. Codie closed and reopened. I tried being just being a player in another corp, but just didn’t work out, I wanted to keep building CODIE back to its glory days.

I purposely joined alliances that where friendly with NC. so we could fly with them because a lot of old guys I flew with was there. That was good fun and again we hit well above our weight as a corp and there was literally so much content.

But again things changed and Eve changed, hundreds more corps appeared more alliances appeared, just living in nullsec no longer gave you automatic recruitment.

The game changed much more into Krab PVE mode rather than PVP mode, where the rule was once you undock you commit to PVP no matter where you are. its become about how many blues could you have to ensure you could super rat and rorqual mine in peace. It was about how many PAPs you should do, being a F1 monkey, being a number rather than a person. You just became another corp/person in yet another alliance doing the exact same thing as your last alliance. It certainly wasnt why a created CODIE.

Fun and GFs just sort of left, and so did corpies and so did your friends, Real friends you had played the game with and had experiences with. We prided CODIE on the fact we was always about a close knit friends. I think we certainly lost that as we tried to pursue the glory days in a new eve landscape.

After a few years bouncing around in various alliances, I decided to leave all that BS and get back to what CODIE is about, good friends, with real lives and families, that like to have some banter and doesn’t care about trying to be something else. A solid group that will always help each other, and support each other when they need to take a break or RL > eve. Back when your copies haven’t logged in for a while, and its like they never went away when they do come back and yes even when activity isn’t as high. You didnt kick them because they went inactive, because they were friends.

We go out try to shoot stuff, hilariously die sometimes, but who cares, this is what for me Eve is about friendships, fun and no fucks given trying to please some other person who doesn’t actually care about you or your corp. It also shouldn’t be about how many kb stats your friends have. If that’s all that matters over friendships then you’re doing it wrong. But i know those have been lost in the pursuit of space game glory.

So we’ve left our alliances, and now I’m going to reform Retribution. Alliance and just enjoy the game with good like minded people.

We probably going to either hang in Venal or in Curse and if you are like us, where you want to have some good friends to chill with, with no stress and just enjoy the game doing whatever makes those spare minutes you free before RL takes over to play the game, then hit me up or join our pub channel comply or die in game or jump on our discord and maybe be part of our corp or alliance. Not matter how big or small or active you are. Vets and new its about friendships and people to talk with and support and make somme explosions from time to time, even if thats your own

Even if you don’t want to join us then come in and have some banter too chat about the game, life and old and news times.

Feels great to be free again…


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The CEO Tiberiusric is selfish and focuses upon his and only his future goals. Tiberiusric stays docked in 2018.

Did i upset you in anyway? Not sure who you are and why you feel its ok to troll.

Tiberiusric is looking for selfish pilots joining his alliance ‘Retribution’. Pilots are needed due to a low activity of a total of one pilot.

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