Blood Raider Covenant

I’ve just started the game today and joined the forum because that’s what I usually do when playing online, join the game forum. So I’m doing Military missions and this pirate has invited me to join the Blood Raiders. I checked where I had to go to do that and it’s in -0.4 security sector. Why would I get such an offer while I’m not even 2 days into the game? I’ve barely trained 5 skills and only have an Executioner for a ship with weak armament.
If I go now and try to join I’ll get eaten alive by more experienced players who live in those constellations and if I wait, my standing with the pirates will be so bad that I’ll get eaten alive by them.
I don’t understand what the Devs were thinking on that one. Some explanation would help.
Thank you.

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Must be a player corporation defiling themselves by following that scum. They are probably recruiting you. New players get a lot of offers to join this-or-that corp. I’d be cautious and check out corps quite a bit before joining.

Still good general guidelines:

Maybe my OP wasn’t as clear as I thought, sorry.

The pirate who invited me to join Blood Raider Covenant is an NPC from a Military Agent Mission. It’s the mission where you’re supposed to talk to him, the pirate NPC, and he makes you an offer to join the pirates, gives you “a few days to think it over” and then you destroy his ship and he leaves in his capsule then you dock up and the mission is completed.

It wasn’t a player who asked me to join a player-run corporation.

Oh. *phew

Career agent missions?

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Not sure what you talk about, but tutorial missions shouldn’t send you out of highsec. Regular missions though can, if the agent lives close to a lowsec system, the random spawn location can be there if you are unlucky.

Regular missions you can decline once every 4 hours without penalty. If it’s part of the tutorial, you can try a support ticket, or take your chance. Death is not guaranteed. :wink:

can you provide a screenshot of the mission details? Should have the details of who the agent is too.

@Xuxe_Xu @Tipa_Riot @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I guess I’m having a hard time trying to make myself understood. Bear with me, English is my second language and I’m not using a translator because I speak it for 30 years and I don’t have this comprehension barrier when I speak to my English friends but I guess written form is a bit trickier.

The mission is done ( so no screenshot ). I am not asking for help to do the mission. The mission is not sending the player to NullSec.

I am asking why would an NPC propose that I, as a capsuleer, join Blood Raiders - whose agents are all in NullSec - while I am still a new player?
I am asking why did the Dev design a mission where an NPC would propose a new capsuleer to work for Blood Raider Covenant Corp. when I, as a new player, am not able to take him up on it but until I at least have more SP and better ship and module?
Am I supposed to stop the declining Standing towards Blood Raider Covenant by not accepting missions that make me blow up Blood Raiders if I do want to work for Blood raiders and only do, say, Exploration and Industry missions until I can go to Null and live there? I mean, Blood Raiders have their agents so it looks like I can work for them but then I’d have to keep good Standing for Blood Raiders which means not doing missions where I blow them up…

The prospect of working with Blood Raider Covenant Corps. does appeal to me but I have to wait a while until I can live in Null and be able to defend myself against more experienced players, learn to avoid getting blown up and such.

Sorry, that is the clearest I can make it.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.


That’s why I asked for a screenshot of the mission or who the agent is. You can still get the name of the agent. I’ve not seen what you are talking about, we are clear on what happened, but we don’t know if it was a career agent (starter agent where you have 5 in one station upon starting).

You can still get us some info. In your char sheet, go to the interactions tab, and scroll through your standings til you see the name of the mission.

The name of the Career Agent is of little concern to my questions in this thread, the agent didn’t ask me to join ( work for ) the Blood Raiders, it’s the Blood Raider pirate who proposed I work for them while I was doing the 5th mission, but if it’s important to you, the name of the career agent is:

  • Zafarara Fari - Division: Military Career Path - 0,9 Conoban VII - Moon 8 - Hedion University Effective Standing: 2,9
    and the mission is part of "Cash Flow for Capsuleers"

I would submit a bug report Via F12 in game, a career agent shouldn’t have done that, this is a first for me hearing about this. I don’t normally make Amarr pilots, so im not sure, i know my recent caldari agent didn’t send me out, and nothing in the wiki’s say anything about blood raider…

I won’t submit a bug report because it isn’t a bug. And the Career Agent didn’t do anything.
Here is a rundown of the mission and what exactly I’m talking about, as featured in this website:


“Meet up with the pirate at the repair outpost. Follow his instructions then report back to your agent.”

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Group 1: 1 x Asan Ikkaa

Total Bounty: 7,875 Isk


Mission 5 in the Military career arc isn’t so much a combat mission as it is one that tries to introduce you to additional possibilities when it comes to performing missions—specifically, who you are doing them for. You won’t need anything special for this mission, so just grab the combat ship you have been using thus far and warp out to the encounter bookmark with it.
Once you arrive at the encounter, you will receive a prompt window from the pirate you are to meet up with. The message essentially explains how players, if they so choose, can work for the pirate factions as opposed to the empire ones—or do both, even, if they can manage their standings right. While pursuing pirate agents and completing their missions are often more profitable than their empire counterparts, you can only ever find these agents in low and null security systems, making just operating in the space they exist in to be dangerous and ill-advised early in the game.

For now, your only real task left here is to take out the pirate who orbits in space. Generally, this ship takes so long to respond to your attacks that it is entirely possible to kill it outright before it even fires upon you. All that’s left after is to collect your mission rewards.


    • 0.1257 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Shield Management (skill book)
  • 66,000 Isk bonus (1 hours, 8 mins)
  • Resistance modules (depends on faction, granted)
    • Amarr: 1 x Civilian Photon Scattering Field
    • Caldari: 1 x Civilian Ballistic Deflection Field
    • Gallente: 1 x Civilian Heat Dissipation Field
    • Minmatar: 1 x Civilian Explosion Dampening Field

Again, my questions have nothing to do with the mission per-say. The mission is fine.
Please read my questions in the thread for better understanding of what I’m asking.
Thank you for replying.

I think I understand what you’re asking, @Cat_eez_Tash-Murkon
And posting that link really helps, thank you.
I’m also a new player and have completed that mission yesterday. I have read extensively about EVE Online before installing the game ( which I recommend to every potential EVE player as the game is very complex and in-depth. )

As explained in your copy-paste, the message essentially explains how players, if they choose to, can work for the pirate factions as opposed to the empire ones.

It looks like you’re interested in ditching the Amarr Empire and go work for the Blood Raider Covenant, thereby gaining standing with the pirate faction and potentially losing Standing - which you can gain back by collecting and trading dogtags.
If that is your aim as a new player, I would suggest you do missions that do not involve engaging with the pirates and blowing them up, like Exploration missions and maybe Business and Industry missions, although those are likely to have confrontations with pirates as well, like some Industry missions do have.
Also, if living in Null interests you - as the Blood Raider Agents can all be found in Null - I suggest you join a player-run corporation, that way you have some protection and help as you complete pirate agent’s missions.
Another way would be to wait until you’re sure you can hold your own in Null as a solo player. It would be harder but not impossible.
Finally, as to one of your questions, the Devs probably introduced that option in a mission as an “eye opener”, to let you know that there are options besides just working for one of the empires and in no way do they suggest that you, as a new player, definitely take that pirate offer right off the bat, unless you like getting beat up as learning experiences.

I hope I’ve been useful. I wish you all the fun in the world in New Eden.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply! It hits the nail right on the head. That was exactly what I was trying to get an answer to.
I think that kind of proposition from a pirate should have been included in one of the last missions, for example in the last Advance Military Career mission where a player has better experience, way more isk than I have right now, way more SP and a better ship to start taking that pirate’s proposition seriously.
I don’t plan on going it solo, I hope a NullSec corporation has a spot for a newbro but I will definitely stop blowing up the pirates, I do want to do missions for the Blood Raider Covenant.

Have yourself a nice time in EVE. I like the game and can see myself playing it for many years to come.


@Cat_eez_Tash-Murkon You are very welcome.
I do agree that the pirate’s proposition should have been included in one of the last Military Career missions, what you say does make sense, but I would be wary in second-guessing the Devs in their own forum. I’m sure they had good reasons to put that pirate’s proposition where they put it and frankly, I think you know it wasn’t something to consider right away - hence your thread asking for clarification.
I would also invite you to contact me in-game. I can help you with information and isk if you need to get yourself some good modules for your future endeavors. I will be buying PLEX regularly and it will be my pleasure to help you avoid some of the more grindy aspects of this game, like mining and ratting, which, according to what I’ve been reading, don’t give very good drops in HiSec and can be very dangerous in Null.
We noobies need to help each other, don’t you agree?

i questioned it, because i recently ran the career agents under the Caldari umbrella, and i had no proposition like that for that particular mission.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Did you not? I’m not sure if I should be surprised or not, I do not yet know how this game functions so I guess I’m as confused as you were regarding that particular mission containing that pirate’s offer to work for a pirate outfit. I must say, I am very interested to join forces with them, empires’ dominions do not appeal to me. I’m more of an “against the grain” type person.
I do appreciate your trying to figure this out for me, sir. I apologize for the confusion I created, I should have linked the mission sooner in the thread, even in the original post.


@Jah_Ruels I do not know what to say… except thank you so much! I’m on a very limited budget and your offer to help couldn’t have come at a better time. I shall contact you in game and add you.


is something I haven’t taken the time to do ( guilty as charged ) so your help is most welcome.

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There can be only one solution…

They probably sensed your kindred traitorness.

If you are interested in checking out nullsec groups I think Pandemic Horde is recruiting. Being new-player friendly is kind of their thing. Karmafleet same but I don’t know if they are recruiting again or what. I think even Eve University has a nullsec “campus” (group). Maybe head over to the recruiting section of the forums and check that out.

There is no treachery in the Covenant since they are also Amarrians. Let’s just say they are HyperAmarrians finding the Amarrians’ ways a little too… tamed for their taste, and mine too :smiley:
The Blood Raiders are a sect of an ancient cult called Sani Sabik, which uses blood in their rituals.
Life is through blood! Yummy-yummy clone blood
Long Live Omir Sarikusa and the Sani Sabik!!
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If they are in Delve or The Bleak Lands I may just do that.