Blood Raider Covenant

@Jah_Ruels - if you’re handing out isk, I gratefully accept them. :slight_smile:

@Cat_eez_Tash-Murkon the Heretic:

Just fyi - Karmafleet is part of the Goonswarm Federation which in turn is part of Imperium Coalition. Goons are a bit infamous in EvE. Just so you know.

I can turn your billion isk into two billion isk in one week, return on your investment guaranteed, double pay back if I fall short.

That’s totally normal. Every person who runs that mission gets that offer from the pirate as part of the mission.

For everyone else who doesn’t seem to know what you’re talking about, op doesn’t have to go to nullsec to complete the mission. The pirate just tells you you’d make good pirate.

You don’t have to go join Blood Raiders or another pirate faction unless you want to. But you also don’t have to keep doing combat missions that will damage your standings with them if you want to join them in the future.

Also, don’t go join karmafleet or horde or goons or any other big group. At least not until later on in your eve life. You will immediately limit your experiences to just doing what you’re told, which doesn’t make for good pilots or good pirates.

Keep figuring things out for yourself.

Infamous you say? Why is that a bad thing? :smiley:
Thanks for the info

I’m not very good at just doing what I’m told so I’d leave a corporation that expects that of me.

My questions have been answered earlier in the thread, thank you :smiley:

I don’t have the isk and $$$ to go with trial and error, I need to know what I’m getting into before hand.

It’s not, imo, if you know that’s where you’re going. It used to be that if you had ever been in goons then you were tainted" in the eyes of many and never to be trusted. I think that attitude towards things goon has changed quite a bit today, but there is plenty of “grr goons” in EvE nevertheless. On the flip side of that I think the goons developed a sort of “us against everyone else” attitude (I mean there is a reason one of their mottos was “though all hate us”)

Pandemic horde kind of has a reputation of doing a lot of fighting and having a more unusual system of not doing as extensive of background checks on their members (a decent spy can avoid a lot of the checks used to maybe see if they’re a spy anyway).

Any group you join is going to have expectations of their members doing what they’re told to benefit the group as a whole to one extent or another.


In any case, I won’t be choosing the corporation, the corporation will be choosing me based on where I am and what I do in the game. I’ll be hanging around the constellations that have Blood Raider agents so any corporation operating there would have a chance to invite me - 'til then I guess I’ll be doing it solo, as hard as that sounds.

Yes, I’m sure, but there is a difference between participation and servitude.

o7… wonder how your blood tastes :smiling_imp:

Sort of chalky with a slight chemical aftertaste, I understand. Highly toxic to you inferior biologics. Ingesting it causes a painful and lingering death. I highly suggest you drink a bunch.

Some of us are clones of a better type.

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Nice try, but you shall not avoid the Blooding.


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