Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot (5/10)

Is there a good way to counter all those cruise missile batteries in the final room? My Legion strategic handled the first 2 pockets really well, but it is that last room that hits really hard. My Legion died on the first day of its flight and I am actually broke on there.

Take the batteries out first maybe?.

And what about more tank? You are paper thin. I’d switch the Prop-Sub to Intercalated Nanofibers for another low slot (lose one mid, but you should be plenty cap stable with the large cap battery) for a Multi-Membrane or an EM or Therm hardener.

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probably need more tank. a t3 cruiser should handle a ded 5 with ease. maybe replace one of the damage modules with a resistance membrane. you can also add implants to boost your armor rep, and take some drugs that boost armor rep (like synth exile and ‘hardshell’ pills).

if you haven’t, try to use a fitting tool or program to improve your ship. i personally use pyfa.


I had some help in buffing it with the dual reps. I always have damage control ii on there as it is a key module when ratting

why did u lose the ship? you can always warp out.

in the 3rd room u have to kill the boss only, make a bookmark and warp away. come back when its gone in the agency and loot.

That was what I was trying to do. I always blitz the last room and head straight for the overseer

If I had to use a legion again for that, I may have to use deadspace modules if it is going to do any bidding

I am a player who does not use any implants or boosters

Yes, I think you need a better fit and/or better skills. I used to run blood 5/10 and 6/10 all the time with a legion, but the fit definitely requires more investment than you had in yours. I don’t have a link handy, but it was something like this:

High: T2 beams, cloak, probes
Mids: faction afterburner, 2 tracking computers (but carry 2 webs to refit for specific missions)
Lows: 2 faction heat sinks, one t2 heat sink, 2 mission-specific deadspace armor coatings (surprisingly cheap and cap effective) and a b-rated deadspace repper.
RIgs: two boosts to armor rep rate and a cap recharger.

Cost - maybe $800 million? But if you’re diligent and careful, it will rake in many and many billions for you.

This boat projects damage really well, and speed tanks the vast majority of incoming dps. Carry INMF, Aurora and some in-between crystals so you’re always firing in optimal. Don’t let elite frigs or spider drones under your guns or fit those webs if you know the mission. This boat projects sufficient dps and holds sufficient tank (overheat if you want) to pop the boss without moving from the warp beacon.

Its range is also very helpful against the Tower and final boss in the 6/10s, and the Mother Drone in the drone 5/10, all of which really require you to be able to project a good portion of your dps beyond about 50km, if i recall correctly.


For the time being, I am currently sticking with the t1 Abaddon Battleship because of its strong tank. I was able to blitz the final room many times with it

Abaddon is a great choice!

Nothing looks so good!
(although I would love a Laser-Rokh with Amarr colors)

Ran site with Abaddon recently, blitzed final room with 50% armor hp remaining. To blitz final room, it takes a battleship with a strong tank to counter those cruise missile batteries.

I did find an alternative ship to use, the Leshak

P.S: As of December 5, 2022, I have started using the Paladin Marauder. It is a sub 30-minute beater using the super-sniper trick

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