Blood Raiders FOB Questions

There is one in a local 0.5 system wreaking havoc on mining operations.

Will it eventually move to another system? Or remain until taken out?

And if it will move on, any ideas as to how long it stays in one system?

I believe they remain until destroyed.

They will stick around, so you should try to call together some fellow capsuleers to go destroy it.

Chan’aar Chan_aar & Quelza

Thanks to both of you for the replies.

I bet they will move on at some point so they don’t all accumulate in dead end systems, but they are so new no one knows. It could days or weeks to despawn so your best bet is to gather a few friends and explode it or move somewhere else for the time being.

Can you tell us what it is doing? Are the rats actively hunting folk? Are their gate camps? Has it spread to other systems? Etc…

They are sending raids of 4 Punishers out through the belts shooting everyone.

They also attacked an Athanor in the system during its vulnerability window.

If you warp to the FOB at 100km away, it neuts you 1500 GJ at a time, hitting for 3000-4500 GJ drain.

And defensive Omens warp to you within seconds of arrival.

Join channel and mailing list “FOB Hunt” to request FOB takedowns and to notify people of FOBs.

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or just solo them in a VNI, like Siege X does.

There was a BR FOB in Ashab (one jump from Amarr) last week. The four punishers were making short work out of every single travel interceptor and frigate auto piloting by, which I found to be hilarious.

Just for shits and giggles, I brought my overtanked sleipnir to the gate to see the sort of dps these new npcs are capable of.

They don’t web or disrupt, so they aren’t a danger to players that are present, but they will demolish an untanked travel ship that is autopiloting on short order, and appear to have enough dps to chew through a cruisers ehp in the time it takes the ship to autopilot to the gate. They have a top speed of around 950 m/s, and lock pretty fast. Took them about 30 seconds to burn through 1/5th my sleipnirs shield (lowest resist is 78% kinetic; everything else is over 80%). They seem to aggressively switch targets to your drones, so if you are in a procurer, might be a better idea to warp off.

Your overview might not be set up to display these NPCs. In high sec if you have your safety set to green, you will get a criminal activity warning when you attempt to engage; you can ignore it- the only consequence of killing these NPCs is a loss of BR standing.

I for one welcome these new rats, and hope they continue to catch capsuleers with their pants down.

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