Bloodbath and Beyond is looking for pilots. Lowsec/Nullsec

BBnB is a primarily USTZ lowsec/nullsec PvP corp that is looking for both new and old players.

Like killing random people? We have a home for you.
Like YOLOing whatever you feel like because it’s your damned money? We have a home for you.
Want to learn more about PvP? We have a home for you.


*Omega status
*Full account API (I don’t care what you do. Seriously. AWOX, spy, scam, whatever. I just want to know up front.)
*Willingness to train alliance doctrine
*A thirst for blood

What we offer:

*SRP on most things (Can’t do your supers yet. Sorry.)
*Endless PvP content
*Plenty of moons for your krabby needs
*Regular ops
*Regular roams
*A friendly environment
*Players that can teach you about the game
*High skilled fleet mates that are willing to throw billions out there with you if you want to get crazy
*A complete disregard for killboard efficiency

Fly safe… Or don’t.


Still recruiting! Find me in game!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! Find me in game or shoot me an evemail!

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