Blue Stars Trading recruiting PvE enthusiasts willing to build something together

Blue Stars Trading is a young corporation aiming to bring together enthusiasts of non-combat parts of the game. Are you interested in mining, industry, exploration or hauling? You’ll fit right in. We’re getting started and still setting up inside one of the wormholes and would love to have you grow with us!

Would you rather join a big corporation that already has everything figured out, turning you into an anonymous cog in their machine? Sure, they have all the infrastructure, they have all the services, but what they don’t have is an opportunity for you to say that you helped create something. With Blue Stars Trading you’d have a real and big influence on what, how and where we do.

As part of the Red Skies alliance we have access to a citadel within a C3 wormhole system - great place to do PvE, mine or explore.

What we do:
▼ Combat Sites
▼ Ore / Gas / Moon Mining
▼ Data / Relic Sites
▼ PI with 0% POCO tax
▼ Exploration

What we offer:
★ Our own C3 with static null
★ Friendly, laid back environment and comms with minimal participation requirements (no need for microphone, no need to talk to people if you don’t feel like it :wink: )
★ Inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, low-cringe people and content
★ Alliance Auth and Discord
★ Alliance buyback program inside the wormhole
★ Primarily active between 10 and 16 EVE time, but happy to branch out

Since wormhole life can be sometimes a bit harsh (PvP attacks, rats that can actually kill you in a couple seconds if you’re not careful etc.), we have a couple of requirements. Those are here to make sure that you will enjoy your stay with us, without unforeseen problems.

▼ You already know wormhole life or you’re ready to lose a couple of ships when learning it. Wormholes can be really profitable, but at the same time, they are very risky. If you can’t afford to replace the ship you want to be using, it’s too soon for you to jump in.
▼ You acknowledge that access to trade hubs might be difficult, sometimes very difficult. It all depends on the blessing of wormhole gods.
▼ You acknowledge that anyone who’s non-blue in the wormhole space will try to kill you.
▼ You will learn and follow our bookmarking system. This makes everyone’s lives easier and safer.

Are you interested?
Visit our alliance discord and let’s have a chat! :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for people :slight_smile:

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