Blueprint Repurposing Project

Hi Marketplace!

I have recently been collecting unwanted blueprints from friends, mostly from the random login rewards, with the intent of actually making use of them - since they would otherwise be trashed - and I would like to extend this service to the rest of you!

If you have any unwanted blueprints - whether they be BPC or BPO, researched or not, located anywhere - that you’re going to trash, consider sending them to Caethus Holdings instead! With a network of contacts interested in industry, research, and invention we will be able to make use of them in some way or other, and they won’t go to waste!

In the event that you have a considerable collection you would consider donating, or any otherwise specifically valuable blueprints, please reach out and we will see what we can do to thank you for your contribution. However, this is not a “Blueprint Buyback” scheme, we are looking primarily for generous pilots seeking to reduce wastage.

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