Bomb Threat in JITA 4, with a Agenda to kill all scammers!

There was a Threat made by a player in Jita promising to destroy the Station JITA 4 Moon 4 with a 50 Exaton Antimatter Doomsday Device with 140 Million Thermal and 100 Million Kinetic Damage, which is actually more than a XL Citadel if all Scammers are not killed in JITA, The person also said we had 9 days to kill them all or Jita would be destroyed! Here was the picture linked by this player!


and this was also linked to say what would happen to JITA if the scammers where not exterminated!


Not really a bomb.

Hybrid ammo does damage because of a collision of matter and the heat of the plasma… this requires energy from a ships capacitor to render the ammo plasma and eject it from the turret. The kinetic damage would likely fall to zero, and since there is no explosive property… that just leaves the heat, though even that is unlikely to have full effect as there is nothing to contain the reaction. That said, the real question that should be asked is…

Where could one get the power, to activate 5 million large AM charges at once? That is, depending on skills, a couple hundred Titans worth of energy.

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What, if someone used Self Harmonizing Power cores, which power stations and POS and Thermonuclear Trigger Units to blow them all at once, which is used in Tech II items?

I support this idea / feature.

I can’t speak for Kinetic Damage, but I’ll have no part in this.


Its the “or” that intrigues me

Scammers are like cockroaches. They’ll be the only thing that survives.

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As has been repeatedly stated, this is not a possible game mechanic. Get over it.

Also… At least 19 days have past since this post was made:

The 9 days have come and gone. Jita still stands. Hopefully the person at least made a profit selling the ammo.

Alright, I will come clean this was a ammo sale’s ad as a way to create demand for Antimatter S/M/L and Tech II Drones read this post and look at my build queue for manufacturing, Invention and etc.

You will instantly get this after looking at the photo linked in the post. No, it is impossible to kill Stations the Admin told me that when I sent the message to CCP on my alt, but I wanted to milk this to see how many people would jump on this band wagon. I thought it would be interesting if this caused a burn JITA, the person who said that originally in JITA was a alt of mine because I was sick of scammers in JITA.


This was to gauge the reaction of the community to the possibility “JITA could be destroyed???, I am going to lose all my stuff in JITA… Oh noes”.

The Veteran players knew better as did I but I wanted to ask CCP directly about it and see if there was actually a mechanic for killing a NPC Station which spawned this idea.

NPC stations are Immortal…

If there was actually a way, I would have blown it up and said nothing, then looted the trillions of isk in items with a freighter.

It was a hoax, that I created then pretended to investigate on the forums to sell and raise the price of drones and ammo.


And I want you to know, that yes, I made a killing (ISK Wise) during that time when the prices where up and down, it destabilized the market a bit in JITA.


But, you learned a valuable lesson.

I bow to you, oh wise one.

Just run a nyx into the station

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