Terrorist Threat to Blow up JIta 4-4, if all scammers are not killed in Jita!

There was a Threat made by a player in Jita promising to destroy the Station JITA 4 Moon 4 with a 50 Exaton Antimatter Doomsday Device with 140 Million Thermal and 100 Million Kinetic Damage, which is actually more than a XL Citadel if all Scammers are not killed in JITA, The person also said we had 9 days to kill them all or Jita would be destroyed! Here was the picture linked by this player.


and this was also linked to say what would happen to JITA if the scammers where not exterminated!

Demands: Permanently kill a bunch of capsuleers. Odds of success: Nearly impossible.
Threat: Blowing up a station with no reinforcement cycles. Odds of success: Nearly impossible. (Not even taking into account that the “terrorist” seems uncertain whether she/he can detonate all those charges at once.)

So uhm…at least the threat is proportional to the demands.

Well, I don’t think this person wants them perma killed just killed out of Jita, but I have no idea if this is possible Jita is actually a XL Citadel owned by Concord, so no idea, you can blow up XL citadels in null, but is this really possible that is unknown…

Haha, Good content.

Doomed to failure, but it’ll be entertaining.

Oh, excuse me. I was misinformed. I was always told it was a station owned by the Caldari Navy.

Well, the Navy’s of all the factions make up the “Concord Police” from what I understand. So, saying “Concord” is basically the same as saying the Caldari, Amarr and etc, Navys or Fleets or whatever.

Not exactly.
You are correct all the Empires agreed to form CONCORD in union, as a response to the growing number of capsuleeers, but CONCORD has since then grown into its own, fully fledged organisation.
The only job CONCORD has, is to police capsuleer activity. Nothing else. They dont medle in empire affairs or help any of the empires at all, except when capsuleers are involved.
CONCORD will destroy your ship, if you engage in illegal activities in highsec. Empire navy’s will check for contraband and security/faction standing and engage, based on that.

oh, my mistake then the “Caldari” own it then but still doesn’t change this terrorism issue there.

Do we have evidence that this is a capsuleer? If so, CONCORD could be involved, but i dont know if they would take care of “station matters” like this. It will be the Caldari Navy who does the initial investigations, no doubt.

I dunno, I heard 2nd hand about this, I will keep my eyes peeled. At this point nothing can be ruled out about this situation.

Ya, it seems this report was real, I just saw this post in Jita, local chat.


This would be a great way to kill off a lot of Gankers lol camp outside the station and when they undock drop the bomb lol

this year isn’t a burn jita but an oblitarate jita from inside…trying to kill some scammer but now, i’ve to start to move all my stuff out before it explode… damn terrorists!

How does one get in on hair brained scheme? I love hopeless causes. :sunglasses:

If you killed all the scammers in jita at once, everyone else would die as well from drowning in the sheer volume of blood from that many scammers.

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I wish him luck.

So, when will that big explosion happen?

Already been discussed. It won’t happen. Read the text in the image posted. A person is making a bunch of anti-matter charges and is looking for some item to detonate the. That is not how EVE works. There is no detonator item to blow up ammo.

If there was, it would have been done by now or would require CCP intervention to accomplish.

What an amazing game…

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