Real jita scammers

Just wanted to warn people of scammers pretending to be well known YouTube streamers, offering prices.
The post was on reddit and I’ll post a link below please watch out .

Just shows our in-game scammers are on a different lvl to real scammers thank for toughering us up .


Good thing the Minmatar Prince that contacted me in-game last week was legit and I’m now an EVE trillionaire. :smirk:


Scamming would be fought in 2.0 systems. The faction would find a good way to severely reduce it.

I just follow the general principle that all local chat at Jita is a scam of some sort. There’s really no reason to buy anything of some random dude in Local.


Concord are not, and never have been, there to ‘protect’ anyone. They are a corrupt force ( Eve is a dystopian universe, after all ) whose sole purpose is retribution against criminals. That does not include ‘protecting’ anyone.

The lack of security is the reason a new faction has formed. CONCORD did not approve of this and consider them a rogue empire. Players can decide if they want to live in CONCORD space or New faction space.

By the way the new faction consists of people from Amarr, Gallente, Caldari and Minmater, they found a way to get a long

Are you telling me that woman who told me her husband died in a gank three years ago and had 5 trillion isk in a Jita bank that could be recovered if I could only send 10,000isk for the processing fees was a scammer?!!?

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“Jita. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious,”

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy in New Eden. Great opportunities await those who are willing to take them.

— Never convicted local denizen sage about Jita


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I’ve been wondering what this long something could be , please don’t tell me you will finish your text line for 1 billion isk.

The scam princess would be proud of you.

Ps anyone have any idea what this long thing could be , prize for funniest answers.

( prize will require additional post package to be paid)

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A ten-foot pole.

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Ah yes…I’ve heard of that mythical place. I hear they called it Teletubbie LaLa Carebear Land, where all combat is banned, there’s no scamming or ganking, and there’s a 4 light year wide screen showing Netflix all day long to the AFK miner-bots while the inhabitants text their friends with messages of ’ I’m so brave and skilled…I play Eve Online !’

That’s usually around the point where the alarm clock goes off and most people wake up from the nightmare :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I texted my mom when I started this game.
She said “Make sure you stay safe!”
I said “Don’t worry, mama, I can make isk while completely docked”.
The sigh of relief she let out was palpable.


ok whiteknight


What’s wrong witch, every thing you do seems to cost 1bill

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That’s my racket.

Yeah, this. I don’t even read Jita local.