Due to CONCORDs failure to protect innocent capsuleers in empire space a new faction consisting of members from all 4 empires has formed and captured systems in the centre of the galaxy j-space?. In a way to mock CONCORD they deemed their systems 2.0 security.

Ships must fit a module that locks the safety system to green in order to enter the systems. At the time you jump into the system the stargate will seal the module to the ship so it cannot be unfit or offlined. Stargates leading out the systems will unseal the module again. Its relatively expensive, fits in a low slot and requires 2 PG and 1 CPU some say.

The new faction is at war with CONCORD among others so the missions they offer can be against CONCORD NPCs which will have a negative effect on your security status. The faction has a booming raw materials and manufacturing industry and it uses ISK as their main currency but there are rumors they are going to switch to a Tritanium based currency in the future.

The faction dont care about security status or ship type. The only requirement to fly in their space is that you fitted the module that forces your safety to be green. This is an evolving story.

-1, fundamentally opposed to the core concept of eve.

People who are happy with the way things are wont move there. Any ship you bring will also lose a low slot until leaving again.

But your addition adds competition with massively unfair advantages. All mining yields would need to be -99.95%, and isk payouts for bounties or mission payouts -99.9999% to make it balanced-ish.

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Why ?

Because you are in the only pve only space on TQ, and so that’s the only place where you’re not having to do your own security.

Oh, and a 2m/dock fee.

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The idea is to create content that someone will like. I guess you agree this has potential.

Nothing can be exported from this space. Not a single unit of ore or processed ore or processed mineral (ie. item produced from minerals or other resources in this space, no ship, no module, no components, nothing)? Then sure, get this space and drown in useless, worthless items. :slight_smile:


If the space gets popular it is likely that gankers will camp the exit points which kind of defeats the purpose of the space.

But thats why its an evolving story because gankers adapt and this faction is anti-ganking and will continue to find ways to circumvent them.

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Why would they camp something where only empty pods can leave?

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Having to enter and leave in a pod was not the intention. There should be a term for what you and @James_Baboli suggest because its also the train of thought CCP pursues for content.

Its like they introduce something cool but then nerf it so much so that it barely gets used.

For example Tractor Beams is a good example of this. Why is their default range 20km when most loot cans are much further away/apart

Same thing with MTUs that cost tens of millions of ISK that isnt protected by CONCORD in high sec. Barely worth using then.

Lets get away from this and think of content that has more intelligent trade offs

I guess by “intelligent trade-offs” you mean “all upside” right? The tradeoff to the automated MTU is that someone can attack it.

If you want to do more damage you train a skill and buy a more expensive weapon but if you want to be better at salvage all of a sudden the trade offs gets cringy

Spam and scam contracts among other things would be limited in 2.0 systems. The new faction would find a good way to reduce it.

  1. What are these “centre” systems?
  2. Why require a module? Why not just make them green only?
  3. What would be the purpose? ie: Would there even be anything to do in 2.0 systems?

It sounds like sitting around watching paint dry (which we can already do spinning out ships).

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You cannot have unchecked outflow of materials and good out of a system with massive resource and production capabilities without any drawbacks and compromise into an area where this is not the case.


I dont see whats wrong with unchecked outflow of goods and materials. But who says it will be unchecked? Gankers will be waiting outside, somewhere, and the systems are not intended to be self sufficient in all raw materials so whats going in wont be unchecked either.

Why require a module? Why not just make them green only?

That would be too easy

Why enter and leave in a POD? Why not jump clone only?

And this center of the universe is trying to be made into a test server.


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I like the idea of having to sacrifice a low slot on ships you want to use in the system. It also explains why the safety system is forced to be green. The low slot module does that.

What are these “centre” systems?

You mean which ones? Thats to be determined. Any suggestions?

What would be the purpose? ie: Would there even be anything to do in 2.0 systems?

Thats to be determined. But perhaps they wont be as aggressive with taxes and if they switch to a Trit based currency that means mission runners are actually mining Trit since the currency would be exchangable 1:1. But thats in the future.

At first they will just use ISK, but CONCORD will eventually sanction them and cut them off from the ISK system.

But any cool PVE or industrial thing you can come up with may be found there. Since its a mixed faction they may get into ship building too and ships will get bonuses from all 4 factions. Maybe they are the ones to come up with a new industrial titan and you needed to get the BP from them or something. Maybe they are able to come up with tractor drones or something. Or something else

The Bleak Lands seems like a good canditate for the new faction to establish some 2.0 systems in. Perhaps they will also build a stargate connection with The Forge region.