There’s a game like that, it’s called Elite. Extra bonus: there’s no CONCORD and no gankers. Only those good old-fashioned space fights we thought we’d get with EvE.

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Are these systems placed so they have no low/nullsec within 10 LY?

I am leaning toward the entire constellation of Ichida being taken over by this faction. It has two systems in the top 10 least traveled systems for 2024


Idea cancelled :slight_smile: Thanks for commenting

Not so. I was trying to hint that there’s no acceptable impact from this on space which is actually functioning as per the design of EVE.

Good, we got through to you!

Is it just me or does @Dchill bear all the hallmarks of being an @Wesfahrn alt?

Seriously dude, if you spent 1/10th the effort you spend on dumb ideas actually learning how eve works, you’d probably enjoy yourself a lot more.


The idea has potential i just didnt like where it was going.

It might be best if the new faction takes over some W-space. Who wouldnt mind stumbling across a 2.0 system there. W-space is also the least used space in the game afaik maybe this can change that. As a side note the security ratings is a CONCORD thing afaik and they would not put these systems as 2.0 even tho they were technically safer than 1.0 since its an “illegal” or break away faction. So thats something to think about if anyone wants.

But if the new faction sets up in w-space how is the safety system going to be forced to be green for players who visit. They will not be entering via man made structures that could somehow force it to be green until leaving again.

This kind of space would be a good replacement for some uses of the test server. PvP could be contained to mutually accepted wardecs and duels. Any production or rewards from this space entering the greater New Eden market is a threat, but one that can be contained.
This is exactly the kind of expansion that fits into the evolution of New Eden; an emergent game play where the big impacts are all accounted for and the little ones will reveal themselves over time. There will most likely be some balance issues that need to be addressed but that’s true of many of the expansions.
This will create a space for new interactions and adventures. And maybe this gameplay is exactly what some people are looking for, if not all the time, then some of the time.
Great idea!

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