[BOND] 20Billion fully collateralised @ 2% for 3 months

(Thousandaire) #1

This is a 20 Billion ISK bond with 2% interest per month. 40 bonds at 500 million each.

Price of bond - 500 million each
Number of bonds - 40
Interest - 2% per month (paid at bond conclusion)
Length - 3 month (12 weeks)
Start date - Friday 14th June 2019
End date - Friday 6th Sept 2019
Collateral - 110% held by @Elizabeth_Norn

Investor List
[Character] - [No of Bonds] - [ISK total] - [status]
@Xylem_Viliana - 10 - 5billion - Active
@Fazzy_Star - 10 - 5billion - Pending
@Solonius_Rex - 10 - 5billion - Pending
@Tiddle_Jr - 10 - 5billion - Pending

(Thousandaire) #2

Wanting to start post to gather interest. Waiting on @Elizabeth_Norn to confirm able to hold collateral for duration.


As participants in my previous offering will get first option to partake in this second bond.

(Solonius Rex) #3

I will do 20 once Norn confirms collateral.

(Tiddle Jr) #4

I’ll do 10 bonds if any left after the VIP participants :slight_smile:

(Fazzy Star) #5

I’ll do 20 bonds once Norn confirms

(Xylem Viliana) #6

im game for as much as is needed

(Thousandaire) #7

@Fazzy_Star @Xylem_Viliana @Solonius_Rex @Tiddle_Jr

Is everyone happy to share it out 10bonds each?

@Elizabeth_Norn replied ingame just waiting for a reply here to get the ball rolling.

(Solonius Rex) #8

I’m okay with 10.

(Xylem Viliana) #9

works for me

(Tiddle Jr) #10

Confirmed 10 bonds

(Fazzy Star) #11

All good here

(Elizabeth Norn) #12

Confirming I’m holding at least 20b worth of collateral for Thousandaire.

The above four can send the ISK directly to Thousandaire.

(Xylem Viliana) #13

Done from me :slight_smile:

(Thousandaire) #14

@Xylem_Viliana received OP updated. Thank you.

@Elizabeth_Norn thank you for offering an amazing service!

@Fazzy_Star @Tiddle_Jr @Solonius_Rex please send ISK.

(Fazzy Star) #15

ISK sent, thanks.