[BOND] 40Billion fully collateralised @ 2% for 3 months

Same I’m okay with that.

Likewise, I’m good for up to 20b more

@Tiddle_Jr You could make round numbers?

I’m fine with holding another 20b. I’ll be able to accept the contact in an hour.

Hi, I’ll take additional 10 bonds.

Sorry for the delay. I’m now holding at least 20b more worth of collateral for Thousandaire.

@Thousandaire could you post when it’s confirmed who will be investing?

No problem at all you provide an amazing service, we are lucky to have you.

@Tiddle_Jr @Fazzy_Star @Solonius_Rex @Xylem_Viliana

As all members have replied, I think it would be fair and easiest to split everything evenly.

I have updated the initial post.

If you are all in agreement please send 5billion to me.

5 bill sent.

ENorn got the iskies.


done my side too

I’ll be able to send the isk within the next hour, will edit when I have sent it.

Edit 17:05 - 5b ISK sent to Thousandaire

I’ve passed Tiddle Jr’s ISK to Thousandaire.

All received. Thank you.


Is there an update on this bond?


Do you have any update from the loan originator?

not heard anything myself either, hopefully norn has some news

I haven’t heard anything. I’ll mail @Thousandaire.

Im just glad it wasnt just me lol.

I’ve liquidated the collateral and sent the principle plus 6% interest to each of the investors.

@Xylem_Viliana @Fazzy_Star @Solonius_Rex @Tiddle_Jr

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Thank you for the quick cash out, always a pleasure norn. Never happy when this happens, but thats what collaterals are for.