Bonus Skill Point Week

Depending on the character selection screen, you’ll get a dessert or a desert.
- by Rexxar Santaro

What’s the matter? Don’t see any problem with that SP don’t win fights or makes you better at any activity

Whats this? CCP is doing a login campaing at the same time they are testing the login effects that removing local has. Seems a bit silly, but I’m sure the data will be representing

Why this hurt you so much?

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Got me some bonus 250k SP. I can feel the winning already. Does anyone know what you get for winning though?

Looks like Stage 2 (or is it 3?) Is progressing.

The next step may well confirm my suspicions.

Pearl Abyss

Its a NullSec softener as many are not resubbing


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On the bottom of the character selection screen, you will see a “Reedemable items” tab, open it and drag the SP to the character on witch you want to use it. Bear in mind that one daily reward can be applied to only ONE character. (let’s say you get a 25k SP reward, it doesn’t go to to all of your chars, but only the one you redeem it on).

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SP rewards stimulate the economy. Its a win win. TY CCP.

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Thanks for the skill points. Not sure how you do it but keeping thousands of bitter vets happy seems like a tough job :slight_smile:

Ive still got a pile from the last event.

In fact all my accounts have stocks of boners skill points.

Ive no idea what to do with em

Free boner skill points? gotta be cheaper than viagra !!

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Me too. And from even before that. Millions of SP over my accts. The day CCP hands out a bunch of free extractors I might consider doing something with them all.

But until that day arrives…I guess I’ll just keep letting it pile up.

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Heh. Yeah, I used a few for emergency skill drops when I needed to move a ship I couldnt fly or whatever.

Im sure someone will be along soon to tell us

  1. How ungrateful we are
  2. How stupid we are
  3. How its cheating to have SPs in storage for when I wanna steal a JumpShip
  4. How cheap we are not to fall for CCP’s guff and not buy Extractors

but they forget

How its this balls thats let the rot infect the game


Well, I’ve got number two covered. I mean, you have to be kind of stupid to play this game for over 11 years without a substantial break.

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Oh I hear yeah, Im only 1 year behind you in that regard, so I guess Im only 10% less stupid.

I just did the math and realized I’m even more stupid than I thought. Two years more stupid.

So you are way smarter than me. Billy, on the other hand…

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Well Billy is every kind of special.

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