Bonus Skill Point Weekend

Didn’t see and add anywhere but did login and say the points come up.


It’s right there :slight_smile:


CCP Falcon makes the announcement ‘on the day’ the Skillpoint bonus and more frustratingly, 15% Omega discount happens. Thanks CCP for the heads-up on upcoming goodies, I renewed my subscription 2 days before hand :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Take a 1x 30 day then revert to whatever sub you had.

Since it was not a sale on plex nor omega time from the site but rather 15% off how many plex it takes to buy omega time through the NES, shall I assume that’s what you’re upset about? How much gametime were you buying?

It doesn’t show like that unless you have the launcher enlarged. One of the failings of the new launcher.

Besides seeing it on the launcher did I also get an e-mail by CCP. Nobody seems to be reading e-mails anymore or they might all end up in the spam folder?! :thinking:


The only Emails I get from CCP are either replies to support tickets or warnings about forum conduct.


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This is the first time Elizabeth Dahlia Short has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Hello Elizabeth, welcome to the community.


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