Bookmark directory - bookmark in the current system not easy to identify with PhotonUI


First, thanks for your work on this new UI.

I see a function in the current UI that is not present in the PhotonUI :

When you have open a bookmark directory, you see your bookmark, you can sort them by jump. In the current UI, if you are in the system of the bookmark, there are in green color.
Old UI

In photonUI, bookmark in the current system are not easy to identify because not in a different color.

Good luck and good job. :slight_smile:

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take a look on the icon to the right side.

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Thanks it’s an amazing tips. :slight_smile:

That icon opens what was previously the β€˜L’ menu. However the functionality is slightly different, as it will show all bookmarks in system. For us bookmark addicts, that can be a HUGE amount, and the reason we have things organised in folders is so we can see bookmarks in system in a specific folder (for example: wormholes).

The available color schemes available in photon UI are either too low contrast to see differences (see example above), unreadable (gallente color scheme gives green text on a green background) or just plain hideous!

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And what is that supposed to do? I usually have my Places menu open all the time when I scan because I do not just need to see what is in my current system but also what is in the surrounding systems, and I only need to see specific bookmarks instead of all of the dozens in some systems. To easily identify what is in my system in a specific category, the green highlight color in the old UI is elemental. Having the Current System Locations and Places open at the same time to work around lazy and bad UI design is not acceptable.

If the workaround to fix the shortcomings of a new, modern UI is to open more windows when the old UI only needed one window, the new UI has failed.

On the other hand: I do not know what you did, but the highlighting is still there for me and other people.

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Strange @Dyver_Phycad , it does not work for me. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Seconded. Please bring back color differentiation. Unless it was a major source of lag?

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