Bookmarks Bugs/Features(?) after patch

After tooday’s patch the bookmarks in separatelly opened folders don’t update automatically.
the bookmarks update in all windows only after clicking on Locations shortcut
marks 2

the bookmarks in local system - bookmarks you can warp to no longer display in green color the unavaliable marks the ones you can’t warp to no longer display in gray all the bookmarks look the same
marks 3

when you edit the bookmarks name in folder it’s not updated automatically in the folder but it updates in the locations folder
marks 4

The patch added some really nice and usefull features but unfortunatelly this bugs break all the possitive impact

you do realize there is a “known issues” post for a reason after the patch

to put information like this in it.

With the Photon UI, after the update on 6/28/2022, there is an approximately 1 second delay between right clicking, and seeing the context menu appear.

Example: Neutral enters local, right click, 1 second delay, show info.

Second problem, when running relic sites, my client started having excessive lag. After clicking a node, there would be up a 5 second delay before the node displayed. Network was stable during both of these events.

@Theiene @dannyOhNo
put that in the official thread for the patch

instead of creating separate topics for issues related to the patch, its better to put it in the official bug thread, which even states “use this thread for reporting and tracking of issues”

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I see you guys are implementing so many new cool features to new UI but I see you cant fix this annoying bug with bookmarks which is very important for wormholers. Are you even aware?