Bookmark "ring" around capacitor

so its been a few months since i played and when i did there was a ring around the capacitor showing bookmarks like a compass. i no longer have that and was wondering if there was a way to get that back or no.

On the bottom right side, near the + on speedometer, there is a little icon looking like a sandwich (three horizontal lines), click it, ‘enable sensor overlay’.


nice! idk how it got turned off but that did it. thanks so much

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One update switched it off as far as I remember. You didn’t do anything :slight_smile: Happy to help o7


Not that it matters but actually…

I stand corrected. Need to clean my glasses :slight_smile:

No worries, btw most cases that commonly used icon has three lines, for example the one top right in the forum too. :slight_smile:

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also known to developers as the hamburger menu

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