Bookmarks buffer and scan shortcuts

Now to drag a bookmark from a personal folder to a shared folder you need to drag it from the location to the destination folder. If you have a lot of folders and bookmarks,then you have to drag and scroll because the window is the only one . And bookmarks can only be dragged to the locations window.There is no buffer, you can not do ctrl+c ctrl+v, you need to drag and scroll in one window .This is extremely inconvenient. I propose to add either the ability to open two locations windows to be able to drag from window to window, or to implement some buffer.

I would also like to be able to see all the hotkeys of the probe control in the settings ,and add a hotkey to move the center of the probe formation to the center of the screen, to the point around which the overview rotates.

I found a way to move bookmarks through the bookmark edit

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