Bored Bastards - Finding that good content!

We are a bunch of bored bastards lookin for some fun and if you’re wanting to find some too then come join us!

Our corporation is based out in Etherium Reach with a long standing alliance Intrepid Crossing. Through them we have access to a large number of different benefits. Like our internal tax free market with cheaper than Jita prices that has the backing of a strong industrial backbone that can print ships like newspapers.

We are mainly looking for people who want to blow other people up with those ships. Really we are looking for just about everyone who wants to make some money out in null-sec. We have lots of things to offer as well as plenty of plans in the works for later.

Just a few things we have access to…

-PvP and PvE ops
-Boosted mining! With some of the best reprocessing in the game!
-Ore/Mineral/PI Buyback Program!

What we are doing…

-We accept all time zones!
-No drama! NSFW and memes on our Discord.
-Quarterly 500 PLEX raffle! Tickets earned via participation.

One thing though. We are not here to baby you and hold your hand nor are we here to handcuff you and demand cta after cta for you to be able to stay. We just want to have fun with no drama and the game not feeling like a job. Our only requirement is having 10 million skill points and knowing how to read and follow instructions from time to time.

If you are interested put in an application in game. If you have any other questions you can find our in game chat channel BAFB Pub or you can join our discord now by using this link 10 million skill point minimum.


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