Fruit Loops ⭕ Null-sec/PvP/Indy corp

We are a tight-knit group who have recently made a new home in null-sec and are looking for active members!

What we offer:
→ Access to PvP content
→ Ratting and access to 10/10 Escalations
→ Max Mining & Production available alongside moon and ice mining, with maxed out in-system facilities available.
→ Wormholes and Exploration
→ Buyback and SRP programs; we will buy your ore, and ships lost during corp-sponsored fleets are reimbursed
→ Active Discord

→ 10m skill points
→ Active on comms and have a mic
→ Signed up to ESI/Seat on all characters

Returning player, veteran, or still learning the game? All of us come from a different background in the game and can help you get what you want out of EvE Online

Give us a wave in our in-game channel: Loops.Pub.

Or join our public Discord: Discord Invite Link

Still recruiting members!

Recruiting today!

Recruitment open

We are recruiting!

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