Boring Empire Alliance looking for empire players (Canada eh!)

We have no desire to go back to null sec, we are not big on mining, we have no desire to set up shop in a wormhole again…been there and still have some nano ribbons to show for it.

Currently we are doing a mass salvage operation that seems to include breaking down abandoned upwell stuff and salvaging the wrecks, I can’t say that it pegs the excitement meter but we have lifted over 7b in salvage and drops in the last 4 weeks and spent the money on shiny eve stuff.

We float around doing PvE stuff for the drops and make a few bill a month from that, but we don’t find ourselves doing missions because they just don’t pay enough for the time you spend doing them.

We do have a Citadel set up to sit in and spin your ship in…total old school eve fun.

We have played EvE since 2005/2006 and have a good grasp on the game and how it works…or doesn’t.

We have a great killboard and try to maintain a very high level of success.

We are based in North America, West Coast and generally play in that time zone so if you are a Euro or an Aussie it may not work for you.

We are trying to build up a crew of players so we can field 10-15 pilots for small gang PvP. If this means dropping into a WH to spank miners we will do it, war dec’s are not beneath us, having fun and laughing at what somebody linked in TS is normal.

Post here is you are interested.

hello, what are req??

Hi, and thanks for your inquiry,

First, our chat channel is “Public Department”

Minimum requirements for pilots is very low, have an Alpha Account and be willing to learn how to play the empire game.

We can help with ships and fittings, skill books and training plans.

We hope that you can fly a destroyer, use a warp scrambler and know how to use a jump gate…

We play in the North American time zones and usually have Saturday CTA’s at about 16:00 hrs EvE time.

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