[BosAc] Skarkon II SITREP

I wasnt aware I was the first to launch sentries. I was following orders of the fleet. Not a defense. Just a fact. And as a matter of fact, I dont know how structure notifications work.

It does not matter how they work. The point is, you were there, you shot a humanitarian structure, and no matter how much you were “just following orders”, you must have been following those orders because you trusted whoever was giving them.

You were there. You chose to do this. It has now turned out it was a mistake - at least if we believe your organization’s professions that you are not a threat to civilian evacuations.

What are you going to do to try and fix this? Or are you just going to shrug, say “just following orders”, and let the station die?


Perhaps, and this is just a thought, the right course of action would be not to shoot the Citadel.

But we both know why that won’t happen.

It would be, and it would have been, and it won’t.

But in the very least, the right course of action would be for Bosena Accords to shut the ■■■■ up about how peaceful towards civilians and locals they supposedly are.


I know for a fact Bossena Accords are not only Kybernaut sympathizers, but are actively working with them. Of course, now that the invasions have calmed and we have something of an Armistice, now would be a good time to NOT instigate either side.

Because I know for a fact the only reason you are shooting this Citadel is because Electus Matari refused to sell it to the Kybernauts. And what, may tell, do you think it will happen next? Do you think Electus Matari won’t take Lux Invicta and retaliate on your Citadels? Citadels that I might add, are irreplaceable?

If you want to seek out peace put your actions where your mouth is.

I’ll say this, not once during the breadth of the ground campaign has the Accords, watched quite closely by my own forces, engaged civilian targets. They have even gone out of their way more than once to take fire to prevent civilians getting hit.

They aren’t perfect, nor am I. Nor are you. But to say they haven’t done a great deal trying to safeguard baseline life is ■■■■■■■■.

All that said, I am going to be having quite the lengthy discussion with Mr. Eskola-Fae in regard to this, as I was going to continue using your astrahus as a waypoint for evacuations, as I have previously.

This is not true.

I have had one offer from [REDACTED]. That offer is in the state of “will possibly sell, let’s revisit this in about a week”. Said revisitation has not happened yet.

All other offers are from parties not even remotely protrig.

Stribog, who formed the main body of the attacking force, have not approached me with an offer to buy it.

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Well, good thing I said nothing like that, then, isn’t it?

it did seem to come across that way, but will take your word that it was not the intent.

What you are lacking currently Miss Rhiannon, is the context. Those [REDACTED] envoys are in reality working with the Kybernauts of Raravoss.

No ■■■■? Irrelevant though; my point was that regarding that offer I have not refused to sell. The negotiations are not far enough that I’d even have been offered a particular price; all I have is a preliminary inquiry about potential interest.

No, those [REDACTED] envoys, like all envoys from [REDACTED] orgs, are in reality working to advance the interests of [REDACTED]. Orbital infrastructure in liminal systems is an extremely limited commodity, and even an Astra represents isolated production facilities partially masked and protected from hostile [REDACTED] orgs.

[REDACTED]'s interest has nothing to do with Kyber interests. I can assure you of that.

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The communications I captured say otherwise, but it seems you are all set on not listening.

Feel free to send me copies of those away from the IGS, if you like.

Feel free to send these communications to me too.

In general, if someone is telling you I have refused to sell, they are full of ■■■■. I have not said no to any offer; I have said “wait a bit while I decide”.

Reviewing my own communications, the last message from the person in question states that they will contact me again about in “in about a week” from the 15th - that is, today, or tomorrow. They have not been in contact yet. The station was attacked last night.

My “refusal to sell” can thus in no way constitute a reason for that attack - not even in a way where my silence meanwhile could have been taken as a refusal, as the week had not passed yes, and as I was not the one supposed to initiate further contact anyway.

To interested parties: I will not agree to sell under coercion while the structure is on a timer. See that it lives, and then we can talk.

I am here to clear up some accusations regarding the Fleet that went and reinforced The Electus Matari Astrahaus Dubbed “Invaders Must Die” in Skarkon.

I was contacted by the Bosena Accords to assist them in defending their Reinforced Property by a group of Roaming Capsuleers who have been active in Pochven attempting to Destroy everything they find. Naturally I got a fleet ready and moved to defend the timers with my fellow Fleet Commander Jassamune Omanid, Apon arriving in system and successfully defending the Structures we saw the astrahaus which was owned by Electus Matari, who have in the recent past both fielded fleets against us as well as set us to a “Red” Standing to be shot on sight.

It was a collective decision to reinforce a KNOWN Enemies structure in space where they cannot easily defend it. This is war and how it has always been.
It was not known to us that EM was attempting to sell the Astrahaus, to us it was just a valid war target. If there are any refugees left on the Astrahaus our Diplomatic channels are as they always have been open to discuss moving them away from the structure.

-Torvik Ironsides
Stribog Fleet Commander

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Sweet void and stars, this is quite the can of worms.
For the record, my intent on coordinating with evacuation efforts was to simply be in the system at the same time raising a ruckus elsewhere. Meaning your choice of target would be between active combatants and evac transports.
Hell, that’s still the plan.

It’s very curious to me that given the previous conversation about EDENCOM mixing military and civilian targets at great risk to humanitarian efforts the station named Invaders Must Die continues to operate under an alliance that is very clearly a valid war target in Kybernaut space. You can claim it was set up to support the conveniently-indefinite civilian evacuation of the system, but its a massive ask to expect us to just believe you on face value when there are still active hostilities between our forces. It’d be utterly naive of us not to assume that the goal was to eventually use it as a springboard to attempt to retake or fortify the system.

Why is an Electus Matari Citadel operating in Skarkon weeks after the collapse of the gate? What was the time table for standing down in the system? Why were attempts to sell not communicated to RPG leadership? Why do you seemingly not care what happens to the citadel if it’s “sold” but suddenly become very skittish if its destroyed? Reinforcement times exist to assist in civilian evacuations and ensure enough time to depopulate the structure, so you can’t claim that keeping the citadel from being destroyed is in the interest of preserving civilian lives.

To any skeptical person the citadel was clearly a foothold for attempting to recolonize the area or orchestrate a counteroffensive once EDENCOM found a way to open up logistical inroads for their troops. Even if behind closed doors there were talks to sell it, you can’t disagree with the optics to a faction Electus Matari is still actively combating.

For the record: I do not fault Stribog as such for attacking our structures, not beyond that I fault any invader for invading Minmatar space. We have indeed been in a war from some time now and, I expect unless something radically changes, will be for some time more.

No, it is all the associated false claims of motives here that muddle the waters.

That said, as rule of thumb, the time for diplomacy is when there are no weapons out, or when there is chance they be put away in the long term. I see neither of those being the case here, so your offer on that is respectfully turned down.

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