Bot For Incursions

does any one know how to create a discord bot that follows the spawns for incursions in high sec ?

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find some Discord pros here: Third Party Developers - EVE Online Forums


I can’t help you with creating a bot, but if you just want the info with as little work as possible, you can join the WTM discord.

They already have a bot set up in the “incursion-status” channel. Of course, it might be broken right now, as someone is manually posting updates in there.

Oh, and if you are trying to set up a bot, you might try reaching out to Beryl Slanjava in-game (not sure what his discord name is). He’s WTM’s IT guy. So, he probably set up their bot.


thank you :slight_smile:

There are at least two more bots up for this very purpose, one in Xo’s Incursions discord (mostly inactive now though), and one in TDF’s own Discord.

Generally the TDF Spawn Bot is about a minute ahead of WTM’s bot, and was still up during that time that WTM’s bot was down.


you had to necro this from two months ago why?

Been noticing a lot of necroing happening.

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necro? like the revival of a dead thing?

yep… commenting in a thread that is over 2 months or over the 3 month locking period… been 2 months since this thread had any interaction, it could have stayed that way.

Because I literally don’t pay attention to thread ages, just putting input where I feel it might be of some use.

Uh huh.

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