Bot plague in lowsec

I thought mining bots were bad, bot the LP bots in low sec are even worse. The Scripts they use are pretty advanced to a point, it auto generates safe bookmarks while it bounces to existing bookmarks, it has a watch list so if someone has killed them enters system they start bouncing, they kill rats, but are not programmed to attacked if you do get them scrammed.

Currently to fight them you have to use an insta-lock ship like 2x sebo slasher and you have to make a new alpha account every 3 days. you can use each pilot for one day or until you get added to the the black list.

Why doesn’t CCP use something like punkbuster™ to stop this?


Because something like Punkbuster is only useful until someone who makes cheats figures out a way around it.

It’s a lot better to design the game to be a pain for bots to play. Like… if they had a minigame in the site. This has the advantage of not randomly accusing people of doing things they really aren’t.

Edit: This is why trying to detect patterns in memory is not going to work for very long. It’s also why, if you don’t want bots, you need to design the game mechanics so farming can’t be done with bots. And, if they do figure out how to script a mechanic, the mechanic needs to be reworked to break all the current scripts and be harder to script in the future. Trying to play whack-a-mole is ultimately futile, because the cheaters’ whole alliance doesn’t have to cheat. Only one or a few do, who then dump their stuff somewhere it’s going to get redistributed to the rest of the alliance, many of which haven’t done anything wrong. They’re “taking one for the team.”

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Thanks for spending time getting information about the possible scripts they’re using :+1:
Keep in mind some people on the forum work for the interest of these kind of activities

We’ve tried to get CCP to respond, but they keep saying that it’s just well trained individuals like:

However, many think it is more like:

In the end, our answer from CCP is usually this:


How about another blog from CCP about this problem and how they are combatting it?


Report to CCP with all details/evidence you have at hand.

You are correct.

However, it has become apparent with CCP’s silence over the last 3 years or so, that perhaps our effort to help police their game is an effort in futility. If you lived in a neighborhood and saw crime taking place on a regular basis, then reported that crime to the police, you would expect to see both a reduction in said crime and acknowledgement/ activity by the rule/law enforcement group. As it now stands, reporting players see neither a decrease in illegal activity, nor any signs that any action by CCP is being done based on suspicious activity observed and reported to them. Incident reports disappear into a black hole at CCP and nothing seems to change. Ditto in regards to RMT contracts/activity in Jita.

One almost must conclude one (or more) of the following:

  1. CCP cannot do anything about the bots.
  2. CCP doesn’t really care about people using bots.
  3. CCP might actually condone certain groups/individuals using bots/certain types of RMT; especially if it helps CCP’s bottom line.
  4. CCP doesn’t care what the optics are on this issue in regards to rule-following EVE players.

I fully expect this thread to be shut down or forced to move to a less well visited part of the forums.
“Move along,boys; there’s nothing to see here”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

CCP did do a great job of cleaning up the mining bots, though. It was a long campaign and took a lot of work, but they did it. That was around 2011-2012.

do a quick search on github, there are many scripting engines that are actively maintained for eve. I did not want to post actual links to them.

Mining bots are still plenty of them, just go to random high sec astroid belt and you’ll see mining barges warp in, and this is how it goes;

You are in a mining belt, a mining barg warps in at 0km.
Than it approaches towards an astroid from 0km so it is very slow.
When someone else is already present in the belt it approaches an astroid for a like a min or 2 without mining (still moving towards it), than it warps away, and comes at some later moment and repeats the same movement if you are still there.(or other people around)

I have seen this behavior all over the place when I mined with my venture in lonetrek the forge and citadel, that was from 2015

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we blew up a mining bot one day and he flew back to the same rock 3 times in a pod, then we killed that too.


So the age of bot wars dawns. Bots designed to ruin the game and bots designed to destroy other bots in hopes of preserving the integrity of the game. I vote we call these heroes, Antiboties.

You cant use any kind of bot. If CCP wants their game to be bot free, thay should try harder.


It would seem the idiocy that can permeate within the sanctum of online space made it possible for my statement to be mistaken for sincerity. Allow me to assure you it was all in good humor and not at all intended to be a serious claim.

Bots are a blight that has afflicted more than just CCP and I am sure if this thread had a more comprised amount of research into the gaming industry as a whole and their efforts on the issue then perhaps I would have reviewed it and felt differently on how I addressed the matter.

I feel bots are causing the gaming industry to hemorrhaged funds as they try to catch up with the ploys of these tools. The problem is that every bot gained resource undercuts the value of the player obtained resource and in turn devalues the player’s time. This makes players feel like there are better things to do with their time. The reality is that people who incorporate bot obtained resources into their system of production will become rich while players who sought to participate in the game the bots infested will be forced out. These players will then have to adapt or quit and in eve adapting can take quite some investment. The big point to be made is that the rich are NOT safe from the bots because once the bots have enough capital to overrun the market and enough accounts to evade losing the critical mass of assets through ban waves, then they will be able to corner more and more aspects of the game. The bots will go where the profit is and slowly destroy the system from within.

In ‘World of Warcraft’ there was a player who started with small-scale botting and turned a living out of it. At first making thousands and possibly millions as he had gone from managing 5 bots to managing teams of people managing bots and which hosted thousands of accounts. At the end of the day, these bots are taking player jobs and are forcing the markets to be very hostile to players. The hunter then becomes the hunted and as a developer what do you do when the majority of the market is held hostage by bots?

Apologies for dragging on but I suppose that was more in line with what you wanted to hear. Assuming, what you wanted was a serious response.


I think, atleast on the community side, there would be overwhelming support for more anti-cheat activity from CCP.

Even if it detracts from other game development.

Its worth the investment, both for the health of the game, its public image and customer retention.

Few things are as demotivating to a paying customer, than realising they are being screwed by someone cheating. Just makes you wonder why you bother.


It was not mistaken. But problem is also of serious nature at the same time, as you rightly described in this follow up.

So these bots are smarter than many miners? Too funny :slight_smile:

Another good reason…


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