Bots/Alt Mining

How do you handle bot mining fleets? 9-20 characters
How do you handle extreme alt mining fleets? 10-20 alts fleet mining together.

With fast tacklers, lots of firepower, and some haulers in reserve to collect the loot afterwards! (c:

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I assume you are speaking of HS fleets? Then I’d say: Bump the booster!

The fleets I have seen are centred around one orca giving boosts and gathering ore, plus a bunch of barges. If you bump the orca, they will either:

  • have been set to keep at range, so they will follow it away from asteroids
  • not have been set to keep at range, lose boosts and fill their ore holds

Either way, it is annoying for the multi-boxer and they might well relocate if you keep it up.

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Just have to be careful because constant and repeated bumping offences “can” be seen as griefing, as you’re not actually bumping them to do anything other than annoy them, short term bumping so you can kill them is fine, but bumping them just because you can is a grey area and a GM may not rule in your favour

No reason to be afraid of GM IMHO. They are his competitors. Even bots maybe. So, no griefing here.

I’d argue that you are bumping for a specific reason: To take a resource away from them so you can have it.

Sure, the way of taking said resource away from them does not involve blowing them up, but on the upside for the person being bumped, that means they’re not losing their ship.

Bumping away from a resource should definitely not be classified as just bumping for the lolz and salt extraction.

They will when the orca gets negatived and the cat fleet lands

this shouldn’t work the booster will most likely have his spot bookmarked and set to approach so if he is bumped he will just return to the position.

Just blown them up. Vastly simplifies things.

I’m fairly sure you can bump an orca further than it can move back between bumps, given how slow an orca is. I think one uses machariels to do so. However, I do not have personal experience of doing so, unfortunately.

That being said, even just through small scale mining fleets, I know it is annoying to get the orca bumped, even if just by the barges not being flown properly. Presumably someone doing it purposefully in a bumping ship can manage to be quite annoying.

Maybe something to mess around with next time I see a multiboxer mining ice… in that case, would it be griefing if I’m using someone to test a mechanic against their will? hum…

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To kill a bot is not griefing, it is the path to heaven!

Deus Vult!

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