Bots are ruining faction war in EVE Online

As seen in the video , the bots spawn fast : Why would anyone resubscribe for omega if CCP doesn’t respect even the alpha that try faction war ? The hunger for LP products just cuts in the fun of FW .

Please comment

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Also the problem where one faction gets -50% lp while the other gets 6.5x more lp for the same site making it where one side is fighting with good incentive and the other side is super demotivated and has no inspiration to even play.


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Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You act like CCP isn’t doing anything about it. Cheating is a problem across all of gaming, and fighting cheating is not a battle that can be won, but instead a continuous process. So the real question is, “is CCP doing enough to fight botting?” Personally, I think they are putting up a pretty good fight. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to spin up new alts thanks to alpha training and use a VPN to get around IP bans.

Hopefully CCP will continue to improve their bot detection methods and make smart game design changes that hurt botters without causing too much pain for legit players. In the meantime, keep reporting and killing them, and make sure CCP knows that this is a priority for you.

Hello !
As long as I pay for this game , CCP isn’t doing the job , 99% isn’t a job done . They get my money or they don’t , it’s plain simple . I want to play a game …not a half game .

Where was this post when the bots were all on the side of Gallente?
Massive case of double standards.

That being said, yes bots ruin lowsec. On the Caldari side we’ve done a pretty good job of slowing down and now melting them (possibly why they’ve flipped?). But until CCP back down on alpha accounts and skill injectors (which will never happen) you’re going to have to learn to live with it.

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I’m new in Gallente FW, was for some time in Tribal , so this post is for all the 4 Factions . They will not get my omega …

I want a clean FW , I can’t speak of improvments in the FW but atleast bots…

Maybe try reporting the problem instead of griping about it on the forums where at most you can maybe convince one other person that it’s a problem, that doesn’t already think it’s a problem.

Well we’ve seen it all.

  • ‘Referring a friend’ to make alts that can fly frigates with T2 weapons, you can log in and plex elsewhere in the warzone by switching accounts.
  • Coercer bots who warp off when the pick you up on Dscan, otherwise fly around completing Small plexes throughout lowsec
  • The ‘Bantam Insurance Scam’ where you leave an alt in an unfit bantam de-plexing, and if it dies you make a profit on the insurance

I suspect the problem is made worst with CCP’s attempt to nerf income streams elsewhere, while simultaneously making the market more expensive. As Faction Warfare income hasn’t yet received its ‘nerf/pass’, the going theory is that the ‘botters’ are alts of pirates who can make isk passively when they’re not actively online on their mains.

All the hunters are reporting bots, the initiative isn’t mine , I just recorded the video and posted it so we all have a place to trigger a signal that we want a better gaming experience .

Reporting a bot is virtually useless. The day CCP did a ban wave, a whole new load of bots were created and the process began again. That was about a month and a half ago, and those bots are still going, unbanned, despite being reported dozens of times.

The man isn’t wrong, it is 100% a problem.

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I’ve heard talk of a front-line mechanic in FW suggested, I feel this might help curb the farmers slightly.

That is to say – if you are granted more LP plexing up a hotly contested, front-line system and less out in the boonies, then the farmers make less and we make more (and also have more fun in the process) o7

Frontline won’t help. If you look at the map, all you have to do is fortify Indregulle and Aldranette and you have complete stagnation of the warzone, as nobody will be able to push through them. Sure, you might get some big fights, but seeing as ‘big fights’ these days are Gallente calling on Snuffed, IAIM, PENI5, SPUDS, their nan’s mate from down the road, to fight Caldari and Templis (being dragged kicking and screaming back from null), you’d end up with a pitched battle.

Flatten the tier bonuses now. Less than 5 minutes work changing 5 integers in ready made code.

Result: Massive disincentive for farming over other parts of isk making in New Eden. Less bots. Less help desk time spent processing bot reports.

Tier 1 should have no penalty.
Tier 4 should be no more than 40% bonus.
Tier 5 no more than 50%.

Oh, for sure, C3ph45, you’d need to tweak the FW map a bit for front-line to work. Gal/Cal WZ is far too big and disjointed (compared to Amr/Min). Front-line doesn’t have to be so linear as the name implies. You could still have pockets of contested space, it would just mean adjacent systems, perhaps close to or neighboring ones that have been upgraded, would get those LP bonuses, with one deep behind those lines getting less. o7

I would like to report a well known FW bot named @Sanctum_Gladium

CCP please do something about this menace immediately.

Thank you Yoshun

It has always been a problem for both sides. AmarrMil bots existed in the past as well as MinMil bots. If you check kb, you can clearly see that MinMil bots are a thing up until now - Minmatar Republic | Losses | Faction | zKillboard . CalMil is dominating not because bots, but because GalMil groups quit militia. However the pace of systems falling make me wonder what exactly is the technique you use to suppress bots invasion. 13 CalMil systems are stable, it’s an outstanding result provided that bots are still in the game.
I would appreciate if you can share some ideas we can use as a community to get rid of this ■■■■ before CCP puts some actions on it

Bots are a hard issue to deal with:
1 - Some games are made to work with botting, like Lineage 2, Silk Road and etc;
2 - The more the game is automated, the easier is to bot (EVE is here);
3 - Memory scan is unavoidable, no matter how much you want to protect your game, any decent programmer knows how to debug;
4 - Curiously Chinese new game is using kernel protection, I dunno if kernel protection is the fix, but I’m damn sure nobody is gonna spy my kernel;
5 - The problem with fast response is dealing with false positives;

The right approach would be having an AI to detect and ban just like in online chess, but even there it takes some time to accomplish some decent level of certainty.

Maybe the first step should be getting the technology to a point where all people spanning alphas in VMs could be kicked out by the day. That would be a nice start.

Fly safe o7