BOTTER LOGGED BACK IN after Ccp Security team that cynoed the bots yesterday


serious question: can you read? ok sounds funny but really … can you read?

if you answer is yes then read the response CCP_Falcon made in this reddit thread

wait i can copy past it for you:
"CCP_Falcon (

In our excitement, we forgot to ban the bots that we killed yesterday because we’re a bit dumb sometimes.

This was rectified just after downtime today, and as of around noon UTC, these guys were all nuked."

all clear now? now go an play WoW again … thanks


why the hell are they all on redit … its a damn bad plattform … really
guess thread can be closed now … no statment needed as the OP guys was not able to read on reddit why should he be able to read it here?

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You can’t tell it now, but OP posted this 2 hours before Falcon answered the reddit thread. Was going to give him the same ■■■■ for not reading, but luckily when I saw it you could see the hour counters.

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So in other words, @JuuR Zibaoo can’t ■■■■■■■ read.

Apparently neither can you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I read just fine. Unlike Juur, like most people I find it easy to surmise timelines on forum threads.

Hehe, my point was that it just shows “1 day ago” now… before, closer to when the OP posted, there were hour markers where you could in theory actually look at the order in which things happened.

Like JuuR, my first reaction was to chastise the OP for being an illiterate ■■■■. It wasn’t until right before I pressed Reply that I thought “wait… what if…”. I admit to being disappointed by this.

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Valid Statement: Pilot is banned.

Thread closed.