Bounties Available

Due to an unprovoked war the following bounties have been placed:
Alliance Hog Hitmen - 1B
HC - Drop Hogs - 1B
Kenny Konishi - 1B
Tyrat Vanchal - 1B
Beth Panala - 1B

The Titan Experiments War is open for allies and will be made mutual

Happy hunting

FYI making it mutual will remove all your allies

Ta I will remove the mutual part then

Sounds like your butthurt

Happy to oblige! We appreciate the acknowledgment. If you want to talk to us personally and maybe negotiate some sort of end to the war, feel free to join the Apork Public channel in game or use for diplo.

Happy trails

Tyrat Vanchal
Director - Hog Hitmen

Guess, I was not important enough. Also there were no bounties on Drop Hogs or Beth. Please make good!

Wait, you actually put isk bounty on them In-Game?
If so, sorry bud but you just threw away 5b. Might be wise to read up on how the bounty system works

(hint: it pays out so little no one bothers with it)

If these are a “you kill this guy and I’ll pay you” type deal though, @Tyrat_Vanchal wanna let me kill you and split the cash? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how the bounty system works and that is was futile gesture but it felt good at the time. Besides mercs I hired in the past didn’t actually end up killing anyone but did take the isk

@Privateer_NoBody Not a bid deal my friend. Put up a surrender offer for 2.5 billion and ill accept it right now. No more damage needs to be done my friend. See you in space otherwise.

Tyrat Vanchal
Director - Hog Hitmen

This advertisement does about the same thing…

Just means you might get wardecced more for the notoriety aspect…

Please bounty out some more

Got plenty of war decs as is. The assets don’t bother me, more the fact that the four refineries were being decommissioned and hogs could have just scooped up 4b of assets instead either I am stuck with them or they go on a kill board. Seems illogical to have shot them