Bounties could use an overhaul

I’m posting this here to see if it can gain some traction. The single most common complaint I see (other than residue) is the BRM and bounties in general. In an effort to reign in the isk faucet, the BRM and banks were introduced in order to encourage people to spread out more and get more people PvPing. People HATE the BRM though. What I’m proposing is a complete overhaul to how bounties are done in game. I’m proposing that ALL bounties be in the form of a dropped bounty sheet, or bounty token, something that must be looted from a wreck like blue loot from wormholes, and turned in to either your mission agent, or a concord station to get your payout. Especially in null sec, this will require the botters to actually loot wrecks because bounties aren’t just automatically paid out anymore. It will also encourage people to PvP because there will be more MTU’s out, if a botter warps away and leaves his MTU then you can warp there, destroy it, and steal the bounties. It’s also a big risk in moving those bounties in order to cash them in. High-sec gankers and low-sec pirates will potentially have very lucrative payouts from people moving their bounties around to sell them. I personally think that this is a much better way to do the bounty system across the entirety of the game.


Sounds not a bad idea.

I strongly agree with this idea. These bounty tokens could be used for other stuff too… For example NPC convoys transporting funds… There are already pirate NPC fleets that drop a LOT of minerals, so why couldn´t there be convoys like these, with bounty tokens? The same goes for NPC Empires. I think your idea has even more uses you originally thought of :smile:


There is very little risk in moving low volume items. The only people that will regularly be using them are inexperienced players.

For the actual idea this won’t increase pvp at all. People will just warp out and leave the mtu and you can get a token amount of a partially completed sight in loot. This is exactly how it works in wh, the only time a fight breaks out is when the ratter wasn’t paying attention. Something made far less likely with local and Intel networks at your disposal.

Love it or hate it the current system does accomplish its goals of pushing people out of safe systems and driving fights.

It rewards people for ratting in “dangerous” systems and punished them for camping in the same one.

It provides incentive for a group looking to pvp to sit in space and increases the chance of another group coming to engage.

Your idea does nothing to solve either of these issues.

Yknow, the only toxic person here are YOU. Just look at the language YOU are using to insult Bjorn. THAT is toxic. So if you don´t have anything constructive to add to the discussion, please, leave yourself out of it.

Also… nullsec botters are the ones that will reply just like you did, so thanks for clearing up whose side are you on.

Bjorn here proposed something, that would actually make it harder to use bots, which DO NOT LOOT MTUs or wrecks, and go ONLY after automatic bounties. if you don´t like it, you can say it without insulting anyone.


i like this a lot but i would rather the bounty tokens appear in your inventory instead of having to loot every single wreck. this already happens with some mission items when you destroy structures like damsel in distress. i feel that looting every wreck every time you kill something would be a step backwards as far as game play and enjoyment are concerned ._.


I can get on board with that.

Why? Ore was doubled in each rock. So there is twice the amount of ore in game

Have you met the people who play this game.

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Why not just remove local?
Lots more risk, lots more pvp.
Problems solved.

Ye, cuz last time they did that , that definitely didn’t kill the game.

More risk needs more reward

Are you suggesting that null sec is full of carebears?

Yeah :smile:

how are your response insulting? are you just pretending to be stupid, or are you actually too stupid to see? your choice of vulgarisms is insulting.

if you can´t type a response without insulting somebody by saying he´s a moron, just shut up, because you are not adding anything to the debate.

I actually really like this idea, +1

Didn’t kill the game just killed revenue.

Same reason despite the simplicity in how most bots can be detected ccp only bans enough to ensure they look proactive and keep them from getting out of control. Kind of like culling a predator population that’s getting too big.

Posts hidden because someone didn’t like them? gee, i wonder why i cancelled all my subs and have filed for my accounts to be deleted.

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