Idea: Nullsec loot currency change

Instead of bounty payouts that provide liquid isk (fairly safe, without hassle). It would be great if nullsec bounties would actually be paid out in a loot currency aswell which then could be sold to NPC buyorders. A tax percentage could then go to a designated corp headquarters automatically. The same could apply to the banking system. Robbers would just loot the loot currency instead. This would create more opportunities to interdict the loot before it actually becomes is liquid isk. Similar to how most other types of players need to handle the loot. Think of:

Wormholers, blue loot.
Abyssal runners, red loot
Faction Warfare Militia members having to convert LP
Most lowsec pilots having to convert raw loot and tags

Here’s a counter-idea.

Why don’t you take the energy you put into developing and defending these bad ideas that add nothing to the game, and spend it on actually getting better at the game?

Instead of some terrible bastardization of mechanics designed to drive content to you, why don’t you learn how to find your own content?


It does add something to the game:

  • the need to hold and defend the field if hostiles appear, else you lose the payment. It motivates players to cooperate, do more group-farming where you can fight off lonely robbers instead of solo krabbing all day long. Even really nice escalation-fights can happen over the MTUs, happens in WH space every day.

  • problem for AFK-Ishtars and Botters, because they will earn no money from just orbiting they sites and letting drones do the work. They now also have to use an MTU and collect it. You catch one, he might instantly warp off thanks to the instant-reaction of the bot, but you’ll be at least rewarded with the loot.

  • direct ISK sink because parts of the loot can be used in industrial processes that create goods, bought by other players. So part of the rewards doesn’t come from “thin air ISK” but from other player’s wallets. Good for the economy for sure.

  • loot can be intercepted by killing the MTU or catching a loot-hauler before it is sold. Another ISK sink, because the loot-fairy will grab her 50% share.

The idea of reducing or removing direct ISK bounty and replace it with dogtags/sheets isn’t new. It would have multiple benefits indeed, but it will always be turned down by the big groups, they hate every mechanic that would allow smaller and more professional groups to challenge them or their income sources at any level.


It feels more like these ideas go against your interest rather then being bad ideas.

Yes, your wording is better then mine but this is exactly what the benefits are off such a system. And your also right that the big groups are going to fire this off as something bad because it would negativly effect them.

So, tell me how ESS have worked for generating you content?

You’re basically demanding every nullsec PvE site be turned into it’s own ESS, so tell me how that’s worked for you to generate content? Oh, right, that mechanic sucks balls, no one wants to engage with it, that’s why you want to force it on everyone else. Just because the ESS is the only way you’re able to spin up content doesn’t mean that it’s good for everyone.

You’ve yet to promote an idea that benefits the game as a whole, but instead benefit only your narrow view of how the game should be played. And I’m the one only interested in my game play? Please, project on someone else.

If I’m only arguing against this because it’s goes against my interests, what do I do in EvE?

Stop with this nonsense “you are basically…”. Thats a known logical fallacy and poison for every conversation.

I have never said anything about ESS and I don’t want what you claim I want.
I don’t like the ESS mechanic and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have implemented it. For sure not the way it is implemented now.

Needing to collect the Wrecks for loot isn’t even remotely comparable with the ESS mechanic. Lootable wrecks benefit small roaming gangs and force the locals to pay attention while ratting, not being lazy and having 5 MTUs out at a time, unguarded. It teaches them something: that there is risk on one side, but also that preparation, cooperation and attention is rewarded by minimizing opportunities for robbers. It also punishes botters and afk’lers, which both is a good thing. It helps against the ISK inflation as well by reducing the amount of flat ISK coming into the game.

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The only part of the OP’s idea i like is New ISK being introduced in game like you described as NPC ONLY buy orders.

Make the rats drop bounty tags
Minmatar purchase angels
Gallente purchase Serpentis
Amarr purchase Blood raiders
Caldari purchase Guristas

etc etc…this way mission running in HS promotes/forces having to move such goods to the Empire area. Such bounty tags could look like the Faction symbol of the buyers. And dont allow these tags to be put on contracts or market, force them to have to be moved by players…giving incentive for real piracy.

Agent ISK rewards could be the same thing, a bounty tag so Courier missions and Mining missions would pay in these things as well.

That would be a step into the right direction. I personally would go even further and only 50% of the loot is such NPC-buy-tokens, the other 50% is production material for some advanced construction process (faction-items of the faction you have fought for example), so you get paid by the market rather than by NPCs. For your own wallet it’s irrelevant where the ISK comes from, but for the overall economic health its better if less “fresh ISK” are generated anyway.

go into site
collect “loot item”
make your way to NPC merchant to sell “loot item”

Tell me how OP’s idea isn’t ESS. :thinking:

Whether you get the “loot item” from a wreck or from a tower you orbit for a few minutes is utterly irrelevant. What you call a logical fallacy is sometimes simply calling a rose a rose. You just don’t like that you don’t see the comparison, so you have to get all butthurt.

ESS already tackles this, if they don’t defend the ESS their isk injection turns to trading items.

Also the current patch seems to be reducing the amount of systems players can rat in, so technically speaking once the system is in place the amount from Bounty on the MER should be lower.

Technically speaking its best to observe and see the outcome in the next few months before even touching bounties, its possible it will be even higher than before but I doubt it.

CCP seems to be smacking all things contributing to inflation atm (Bounty/ Blue loot and poch.) And also over priced minerals.

but didn’t you see sillyglum’s post? even though it’s mechanically nearly identical to ESS, it’s not ESS, and it’s a logical fallacy to call it such. :rofl:

Not so sure about that. Part of the Equinox changes is supposed to be a couple site more lucrative than a Sanctum.

ESS is restricted to special fittings and special rules of engagement. That is bad, because roaming gangs fitted for PvP are usually MWD fit and consist of different ship sizes. Those can’t enter or at least not efficiently fight within an ESS. On the other side special ESS-fleets can barely fight efficiently outside the ESS (rare exceptions). Thats why they combine the worst of two worlds and what you experience in reality is people filamenting in, trying to rob the ESS before anyone can form and then instantly filament out. Terrible design.

ESS is also is a forced deduction of the total reward, players don’t have options to prevent losing a share. When farming in your home system, you have multiple tactics to prevent attackers from getting your loot and if you are good, you can grab 100%. If a part of your loot is in the ESS and a gang comes in to rob it that you can’t form against in 6 minutes (aka completely reliant on your alliances activity, willingness and readyness), you simply lose it and there is nohting you can do against that.

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Yea ESS is pretty crap for pvp, but its not really up to us to Curve inflation that’s CCP’s side.

But at the same time before ESS players only had 100% bounties and no more, now that players can go as low as 100% and no lower the tax from the ESS is technically a bonus ontop of what they would be earning before the ESS patch.

Sure, and one pretty good solution would be to reduce direct ISK bounty :slight_smile:

CCP is doing one better and reducing the amount of Systems Rat’s can rat in, way more effective long term.

Also nullblocks have jump freighters down pact there is no chance they are loosing bounty tags. Players would just contract it all to their freighter services and it would have almost no impact.

Unless ofc you mix that in with NPC buy orders that keep dropping in price the more that gets sold so players that want more have to hold off or travel to different markets to sell them instead of just near Jita. (Same mechanics as Trade goods currently with NPC buy orders.)

Also a good thing, good ideas can always be combined and are not mutually exclusive :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be surprised how much stuff gets blown up before it reaches destination. Pact or not, HighSec will be the most dangerous part, the stations where this stuff is sold will be known and Gankers will grab all the lazy and stupid haulers thinking everything is sooooo damn easy. Trust me, I deliver BlueLoot out of WHs for years, even extremly good players get caught from time to time and lose a few B of loot.

I’ve never lost a hauler bringing goods into High, they never get a single chance to even lock my ship. (Well not never but its been many many years.)

Grats, me neither. Isn’t relevant for the larger scale of things. Loot haulers get blown up all over New Eden. Not everyone as as good as you or me. And thats where the loot fairy takes her share.

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