Isk bounties and npc loot question

I’m rather new, so pardon if this is something that was implemented or changed for a reason.

There seems to be a MASSIVE amount of isk pouring into the game in raw form, yet only a minor amount coming back out from taxes, skillbooks, etc. From the sounds of it, in these forums, you came make absolutely obscene amounts off null-sec bounties hearing quotes of 2b per hour. Now if that is incorrect, everything else written here is pointless.

First and foremost, yes the higher risk area the more profit there should be, not doubt about that. As a highsec player the thought of paying for a month’s PLEX of isk an hour is absolutely mind boggling. Bounties in general seem like a flawed mechanic as it simply requires blaping an NPC. Why has NPC bounties not been replaced with “junk loot” that needs to be gathered, transported, and sold to NPC stations at the very least? There is still an isk reward, but it doesn’t just pour straight into your wallet.


There is junk you can loot from NPCs… Also bounties escalate with NPCs dificulty

I think what he means is make the null sec players have to bring their goods to market to make isk rather than just give them isk. Would help reduce th e amount of isk coming into the game as well as add risk for those doing ratting via transporting those goods.


Correct, I’ve played long enough to know the basic mechanics of NPC sites lol. Drops from NPCs and Salvaging don’t contribute to ISK inflation because there is another player purchasing and using those parts. Pure Isk flowing in from bounties is, clearly from the monthly economic reports, out of control.

NPC bounties instead coming in the form of blue loot only has several benefits.

  • A chance to be destroyed before sale by ship destruction
  • A chance to be stolen by hunters
  • CCP could dynamically control the loot’s (bounties) worth through modifying the NPC purchase orders

Would also require them to collect it meaning bots warping off when 1 jumps in local hurts there bottom line whether they steal the loot or blow it up


The problem has always been that any game mechanic that CCP decides to add, it will be examined,poked,prodded, and disected to find any flaw that can be “exploited” by any group. Bounties in HS are fine because it would take some serious time and effort to make enough money to PLEX an account. The MER has never indicated that HS has ever been a isk faucet PROBLEM in regards to bounties. Null, however, has been home to afk Ishtar/VNI , ratting supers, and, unfortunately, tons of ratting bots and their corporations. Organized corps and alliances can provide relative safety for ark ratting, while botting in some areas are well known to all who observe them in action. CCP is belatedly making changes to try to slow the null sec faucet down by changing site mechanics and spawn rates. They “say” they are being more aggressive in combating bots; jury is still out on that. As both a CSM and several devs have said, It’s crazy how much the MER reports is being paid out in NS bounties.

Oh now I get it.

Honestly, that’s one of the things that fascinate me the most about the game: EVE player’s ability to scretch and manipulate game mechanics. Lol.

HIgh sec players would be virtually unimpaced by bounties changing to blue loot, because HS players are already taking the time to gather all their loot. It’s just an extra step to go sell it off a jump or two away, and a added risk that honestly should be there. Null Sec having to deliver the blue loot to high sec, or lowsec boarding high sec gives hunter a chance and could put a serious dampening on botters.

Those guys with their afk vnis will create 40 000 alts and alpha camp high sec and you will have Tidi everywhere in high sec (doing billions of level 1 missions). It will make highsec look much busier though. There is always a way. Be happy it is not cramping your playstyle. CCP might welcome your idea of making high sec busy again…

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Since bots are found doing high sec missions it would actually drive people out of high sec. And make people either buy PLEX or… isk from RMT from the botters. ‘Unintentionally’ you are making rmters rich.

Eh, so going off number I hear here once again you are looking at 1 ship 2b per hour currently to 33 ships 60m per hour for the same effort. They would still have to take the time to loot, transport, and there is a lot of risk from gankers if you try to predictably bot that in high-sec. Add to that more visibility because you’re not out in null-sec. There is simply vastly more variabled and logics to come anywhere near that amount in High-Sec.

Meanwhile, for legit players the impact in Null Sec is minimal. They just have to work with their alliance to arrange logistics in getting the goods hauled.

Not following your logic here. How would bots doing High Sec missions impact legit players doing high sec missions? The only way I could see it effecting is an increase in hunters looking for mission runners since their bounty loot theft would be more valuable.

I’d like something like this. It was always a fun part of being in a wormhole.

But whilst the isk being generated in null is lots and lots, it is mostly being consumed by players, somewhere somehow. Apparently balancing null bounties is a difficult job and can have big effects on the greater market.

The problem is, it’s not. Pure isk, is only burned in taxes, fees, skill books, etc. Currently, there is a massive amount that isn’t being burnt.


Stuff that is paid for with the Isk like ship, components, etc isnt’ getting rid of Isk, it’s simply passing it on to someone else. While this is good, it’s still hurting the economy as a whole because everyone’s Isk is worth less.

For those saying that botters mine high sec… um…


I’m sorry, I meant to inform you they will simply go to high sec and mission bot.


NPC Pirates in low sec yield low bounty. Are not AFK farmed and even then only spawn sorpadicly, you NEED a bot to do this.

NPC Pirates in high sec yield high bounty and are farmed AFK. Not botting, AFK as in “You can leave it there without you doing anything.” They get hot-dropped all the time loosing an expensive ship and returning large player bounties due to ship value…

Botters will do level 1 missions. Can’t AFK missions. You need bot.

It’s complex, I hope you understand.

That’s not what following statistics say :

Maybe we’re crossing stream here and missing each other’s points.

I understand that botters are used anywhere that menial tasks can be done with relative safety. This discussion targets NPC bounties and exploitation due to the pure isk return rather than blue loot. Countering the argument with “botters will just start farming L1 missions” is a pretty weak argument. The relative return on L1 missions vs NPC ratting in a Titan would require a massive increase in bots used.

AFK Ratting is a separate issue also address by bounties to blue loot change because the player can’t just leave the computer, they have to collect and haul the goods. Like you point out they can get hot dropped at anytime, so unlike bounties their work isn’t autosaved directly to their wallets.



First of all, it’s top priority to get rid of bots, wherever they are as they are bad for a good economy.

Second of all, bots are elusive and adaptive. So making one big change in nullsec will make an enormous result in the effects on (low/wormhole and) high sec as people need a lot of ISK to buy Titans, FAXes, Dreads, etc. The wars in nullsec drain trillions of ISK. Spacestations are also being wrecked. If the nullsec entities can’t rebuild, stagnation will follow and the game will reach it’s end.

All that aside botting should never be done as it destroys a game, look at what gambling did to EVE Online!

This is also faulty logic. The creation of more raw isk devalues the existing pool of it. Destruction of space stations, ships, etc simply ups the demand for those components. Stagnation never occurs because the destruction of those components increases industry demand giving those players better bottom lines. Their movement of goods makes and need for defense gives more targets for smaller PvP groups etc.

This is an issue. While I appreciate that a change directly effects your alliance, it doesn’t mean something shouldn’t change for the benefit of the whole.