New Bounty Risk modifier is bad imo

every day when i drive to work i watch our local Gas Station to check Gas prices and it pissed me off.
CCP found a way to piss me off even in game with this Bounty Risk Modifier i have the same feeling like in real life when i drive to work. I dont want this feeling when i came back from work…


A feeling of getting ripped off? Ye, I got that feeling on a permanent basis and for good reasons. We’ve been getting ripped off for decades in every facet of life, even the environment hasn’t been left unscathed, and the gaming industry has gotten into the circus ever since Internet connectivity has been able to support MMO’s.
The question is: how long are we willing to take it?

No it’s not bad.

  • It disincentivizes turtleing and encourages fights.
  • It disincentivizes empires balling up under a cap umbrella
  • It disincentivizes empires intentionally responding with overwhelming forces in order to deter roamers from their krabbing space.
  • It hurts the incomes of botters.
  • Many players are now making more money under the new system.
  • Many players (including defenders) are saying that they are having fun with it.

Seems to me that the system is has been quite successful. So, the real problem is not that they system is bad, but that there are a bunch of low-risk, low-effort null bears out there that are mad because they can no longer make the same amount of money from doing the same old thing.

So, develop new strats and fight for your isk, do something else, or get punished for being an evolutionary hold out using deprecated strats.
No P2W


it’s just make me to switch the system every 2-3 days nothing what is annoying for me, there is no pvp content where BRM can help, ess produce content and the BRM just annoy people living in a system.


What kind of information do you base that claim on? Most systems have a below 100 % modifier. Systems with an above 100% modifier either don’t have good anomalies and thus don’t make money, which gives them the higher equilibrium modifier in the first place (200% bounty on 50 frigates is still worthless), or are so heavy with PVP that you keep losing your ship all the time.

Who says that?

It does not really because killing as many roamers as quickly as possible in certain systems increases your modifier. Plus, there are more effective ways to increase the modifier than waiting for random roamers.


The voices in his head.

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Dynamic bounties that discourage over-farming are long over due. They just need the same system in hi-sec now, and then a similar system for ore.

So you’re saying the bounties aren’t nerfed enough?


Get out of here. I’m not going to go hunting down posts and quotes of people saying they make more money and/or enjoy the new system. I mean, do you think I’m prone to lying Zhalyd, or are you trying to prove a point? Yes, there is a huge disparity between the volume of people complaining about it, and the people who say they like it. However, a bunch of people vociferously complaining about thing doesn’t prove that thing is bad. Case in point, there are a bunch of people vociferously complaining about mask mandates and vaccine requirements, but I’m pretty sure that they’re ■■■■■■■ idiots.

Edited: Accidentally used the wrong word. So, I replaced it with the one I actually wanted to use.
No P2W


I mean everyone in lowsec is getting more bounties. Every system I’ve seen is at max modifier or very close to it.


I never really liked ratting before the bounty risk modifier but I did some ratting after the changes.

While ratting in a 200% modifier system is pretty dangerous, it’s a lot more interesting and also paying a lot more. I like the bounty risk modifier, it’s tempting me to rat in dangerous systems.

Yes, if you want low attention afk ratting in some distant system you’re getting paid less. I see no issue with that.

New system connects rewards to risk. Want more rewards? Play risky.


Because people rat for bounties in low sec and that’s why there is so much bounty money coming from low sec. :thinking:

Well no, a lot of people rat where it is safest, so they can pay attention to something else than the game while they orbit a haven in their Ishtar.

And now the safest areas pay out less than the higher risk areas where people have to pay attention to stay alive. I think that’s a good balance.

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Not really. Ratting should pay to pay for ships to PVP in and not be a pain that drives people away from getting ships, or worse, drives them into Abyss farming.

But for the sake of argument: Wouldn’t it be nice to know from data if these high DBS systems really generate lots of ISK or if people just suck up the lower ISK for consistency and reliability (because that actually pas the bills and not random one time highpayments).

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But even with a lower bounty risk modifier people still get paid for killing pirates, just less because they’re taking less risk.

Also I don’t agree that 'ratting should pay to pay for ships to PvP in’. There are many ways to make ISK in this game and if people want to buy PvP ships they have many options to get that ISK.

The way you put it, you seem to think there should be a base payout for ratting so that people can afford to buy ships. I disagree.

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You know, the way you put it you expect most people to suck up the lower ISK for consistency.

And I think that’s perfectly fine!

We don’t need more inflation of ISK. And if most people are willing to endlessly rat ‘to pay the bills’ in low bounty risk modifier systems, good for them.

But the game shouldn’t reward those players as much as it rewards players who are willing to risk ratting in high bounty risk modifier systems.

If the end result is that the majority of ratting ISK comes from low bounty risk modifier systems and that only a small amount of total ISK enters the game for a few players who are willing to take risks, then I think this bounty risk modifier system is doing exactly what I would want it to do.

Less inflation, yet better ratting payouts to people willing to take risks.

If only CCP also added something similar to the bounty risk modifier to how mining works in EVE. Maybe then I might pick up mining again once my payout isn’t depressed by the immense amount of high sec AFK Orcas.

There is already. It’s called Asteroid Belts. These belts deplete and Orcas have to move around. But CCP wants to get rid of them and replace them with anomalies that they manually balance. That will end up like moon belts that spawn repeatedly and Orcas can just farm the stuff without having to move nearly as much.

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How’s that? For me I’m always seeing 150-200% bounty modifiers.

That’s the point. If you are ratting where lots of people are also ratting, then your pay goes down. If you are ratting where lots of pvp happens your pay goes up.

Like it or not, low sec ratters are making more money.

Even if the area pays less overall, it pays more per individual. That was what it was meant to do.