New Bounty Risk modifier is bad imo

Only if you have superiority in numbers

Not quite… bots will always adapt better than humans

Relatively true, I just think the DBS takes too much time to raise …

I myself had good fights, true. But considering you have only a small pocket under your reach you have a serious problem… so again it benefits big groups more than small ones, even taking into account your topic about the cap umbrella, witch a big group will have no problem moving around.

The bots don’t adapt, they just continue ratting 24/7 but now inject less ISK into the game. Perfect outcome!

Don’t try to ‘raise’ the bounty risk modifier. Go rat in the systems in which a naturally high DBS exists for better payout.
(Yes, those are generally risky often-traveled busy areas)

Maybe the game isn’t designed that people can have ‘only a small pocket’ and farm all the ISK they want in relative safety?

What if CCP wants players to spread out more and take risks for better payout? That’s what the DBS is doing.


A lot of boohoo 10m/minute isnt worth getting out of bed for, make it more.

Same as us… so all ccp measures to " fight bots" harms more the players. Also ess and DBS where not meant to fight them anyway

I don’t mind that the players who want to rat 24/7 in relative safety are injecting less ISK into the game as well. I think that’s actually a good thing.

We need less ISK inflation. And if you want to get paid well for ratting, go take a little more risk.

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Id not bother, they have a historic track record of failing basic economics and supply & demand theory.

No, it’s to make you MAN UP and kill the other people in system.

Stop being a loser.

no, as no one shows up. there is no pvp, just a system full of blues.

you need to switch systems all the time which is what sucks

Here’s a thought: Kill the blues.

maybe in an alt in Uedama :wink:

Have you tried living in an area that does not have adjacent blue regions?

Bounty payout is better in the more dangerous regions, where lots of fights happen.

well, i live where i live, i am no nomad. i dont want to be out 20j when corpmates want to leave for a roam

Alts and Jumpclones are things

i mean… you could have fewer blues?

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Brilliant. So then we need to nerf abyssals and incursion income too right? Also fw! if you agree to this then i agree with you. If not you just want to hit nullsec …

Good, if isk inflation is the issue , then nerf incursions, abyssals( witch is 100%safe) , PI(100% safe) skill extractor farms (200%safe) and many more things that move trillions trough isk generation and has 0 risk.

Many of those options aren’t isk faucets meaning they don’t really affect inflation.

yeah no, i mean i agree. honestly FW missions should just be removed. unless you also mean the plexes for that and in that case im confused. They don’t exactly pay all that well. However neither abyss o FW add much isk to the market so they don’t cause inflation to any real degree like null ratting.

I have been all for nerfing incursions since they were added. they have done nothing but flood the market with isk

Agreed, hit incursions too.

I don’t think that abyssals need a change as those are adding items to the game, not ISK.

Same thing. Yes, nerf incursions.

No, abyssals, PI and skill extractor farms aren’t adding ISK to the game.

Payout for those activities in ISK value would therefore already stop going up when the ISK inflation stops (and that ISK inflation comes from activities that create ISK in the game, such as NPC bounties from ratting.)

Shame you are being sarcastic