Feedback to the Winter Q&A Livestream

I would like first to thank CCP for answering questions from the community.

One of the questions in Q&A sessions was about the mechanics of the Bounty Risk Modifier. The comment from CCP Rattati on that topic was “It is definitely working as intended…” “… and when people are docking becouse of [this mechanic] this is there chioce […] that was the intention.”
I am not in favour of analysing every single word of an interview, but this comment shows the mindset of the head developer of CCP and therefore of the CCP development team.

I don’t want to go into what the problem with the BRM is and how many less people are in space because of it or something like that, but I want to talk about the philosophy of such a mechanic and the mind set behind it.

A player who logs into eve to do something, in this case ratting, he contributes to the life of the game. Someone who rats in space earns money with which he can buy more ships to progress or to participate in fleets and so on. In other words, he enjoys the game. But more than that, a ratter is a target for hunters looking for a target to shoot down. To stop this hunters, locals go out to defend their space. The destroyed ships of the ratters, hunters and defenders in turn create demand for new ships and equipment to keep industrialists and traders busy. To provide these resources, miners go into space, which in turn makes them targets and attracts even more hunters. It is a content upward spiral.

However, if a technique causes players, instead of going out into space, to see that what they want to do is not fun, is not awarding, they log out. If the ratter is not in space, no hunters will come either, who will also log out because they have no contant. This leads to the defenders also logging out because they are bored. This also means that no equipment is needed, so in the long run industrialists have no demand and so miners have no one to sell there goods to. Which leads again to even fewer people in space and fewer hunters again. So it’s a downward spiral.
Of course there are more details but on a meta level it works the same way.

Never should a feature give the player the choice that is better not to undocked because the activity he wants to do is not rewading enough and/or just not fun anymore.
If people don’t undock, not only do they not enjoy the game, but it also makes it less fun for others. People who don’t have fun will cancel their subscription. In the end everyone loses, the players lose fun and CCP loses money.

So I ask @CCP_Rattati and all of CCP to reconsider this mind set. I’m not referring only to the BRM , but to any mechanic that has the possibility of a player logging out rather than going into space. Under no circumstances should such a case be called “working as intended”.

That is my feedback.

Thanks for reading.


I listened to this and I was especially happy to hear their thoughts about BS’s, but this is not what your post is about.

In terms of your post, I seem to recall that he talked about people moving around and looking for better bounty which is one of the objectives of this. This is actually a good thing because it makes people more vulnerable and makes things more interesting. Did you remember hearing that part?

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To answer your question: Yes, I have heard everything.

And I didn’t question any of the statements from the Q&A with this post. What I don’t like is that it is considered “okay” that mechanics lead to people undocking less. That is my statement.

Provably false. There are hundreds of professions that you are apparently not familiar with. And for dozens of those, players need never undock. Yet lots of fun for the people doing them.

Plus the results of their professions lower prices and allow easy access to stuff making the game more fun (not less) for others.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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just my opinion, but if CCP thinks that people roam around in other peioples space to go ratting they are delusional. it is not polite and generally not acceptable to rat in your neighbors space. so unless you are part of a very large group with plenty of sysems. you are limited to the BRM in the space you live in. I agree with the OP, people log in, check the index and log out if it is too low, they do not log in and wander about. if this is working as intended, it is a really bad gameplan.
most of what i heard in the broadcast was about a future where established norms of EVE are being dismantled to be replaced by a new vision. Some of us still like much of EVE that we have played for many years. replacing old colde with new code may help the devs going forward, but it doesnt necessarily help with player retention, or if recent changes are any indication add any fun to the game, just complexity for the sake of newness. I hope future plans dont throw out what attracted us to EVE to begin with. I wish CCP good luck in the coming year.

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It is OK if it is deemed to be an excessive amount of ISK generation in a single system and if the spread of ratting is displaced elsewhere. I am sorry but there are a lot of if’s to this, it is not so black and white as you have said.

At the simple level I would say no, it is not OK, but it is not simple.

And in terms of mechanics that prevented undocking, AFK cloaking camping which was a major one was adjusted so that you could hunt them if AFK and as such is a big improvement. Step back a bit and see it as a whole, that would be a suggestion on how best to deal with it.

I rather like sitting in one system and just using that to be honest, but I would just accept the lower bounties because I can be a little lazy…

ISK generation in a singel system… You can do 5 time the money with Abyssel sights in a 1.0 system with than you can ever do with ratting. And you can do that with 10.000 ppl in one system.
Sure I agree its not all that simpel. That is why I dont say “do buff this, nerf this” or what so ever. I see a general problem in the mindeset of the development.

And there are hunderds of other things you are apparently not familiar with ether. Like why the PCU is droping like never befor. But why getting in to such personal insults? Of course there is production and station trading where people never undock. But if everyone is only sitting in stations, is than eve really still such a great place? I don’t know how many station traders there are, but I would venture to say that the majority of eve players prefer action in space.
But yes, what I wrote is mainly related to nullsec, because in highsec the whole thing with hunters and defenders doesn’t exist.

If you only speak in hypotheticals and absolutes, then you are not looking for a discussion. You are looking for an argument.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I asked this in the official thread, but if anyone has the graphs included in the livestream or a link to them I’d love to see them broken out.

I’d try to grab them myself but it’s not workable right now to sit through a multi-hour chat trying to clip a few fuzzy charts out of a video. It would be excellent if CCP could post links to the originals.

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