Bpo salvage type makes

I am wondering what type of salvage from the npc regions drop to make w/e rigs. What im looking for is a list of bpo rigs that corresponds to that region. Just so i can look at that blueprint to see what salvage i need .
Does anyone have a link to a webpage that will tell me this as i have already found a webpage from the evewiki telling me the regions that drop the salvage from exploration or npc rats. Here is the link

You can get this from information window of specific loot item. It has a “Industry” tab which lists all blueprints which need that specific item for production.

Most of the rigs of specific use share the same components just different quantities(Small/Medium/Large/Capital) so if you look at list of specific group - for example here https://www.adam4eve.eu/manu_rank.php?category=&group=776&mgroup=&tech=&meta=&minProfit=&minProfitPct=&minIPH=&maxSat=100000 you can see that there are not so many to check.

If you think about running production then you will need huge quantities of these items. It will be very hard to collect enough quantity in regional hubs even inside the region where rats are dropping them.

The reason of that is massive ratting takes place only in null-sec regions, so the huge quantities of loot arrive to the market via jump freighters to Jita so this is best source of them.

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