Getting specific salvage

Is salvage determined by location or ship type?

Example: Say I want to build an item that requires Conductive Polymer’s but I live in an area where conductive polymers are not part of the salvage that we get from the rat wrecks in our area.

Is it possible for me to build a specific type of ship, insurance fraud it and salvage the wreck in order to get conductive polymer salvage?

Will I get the same salvage as rat wrecks because of the area I am in?


by ship type.

There are some Salvage that are tied to what sort of space you’re in (or type of ship you salvage). Amarr/Gallente type of ships will give Armor plate/Alloyed Tritanium Bar, and likewise Caldari/Minmatar type of ships will give you Shield Emitter/Ward Console

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I thought drones could drop any type of salvage? If so run the random drone anomalies and try your luck, will take a while to get what you need I imagine.

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