Brag about your hooch/moonshine

My uncle, (spirits bless his soul) often bragged about his moonshine. “it will put hair on your chest” he said, something which really didn’t appeal to me.
After his unfortunate death, which leveld a barn and set fire to a large patch of wood.
We put a stop to any distilling, but a month ago we discovered his notes. Spirits help us there was no stopping the experiments, this time with out explosions. We have something that perhaps will not put hair on your chest, but will clean most metals and properly waterd down is really good.
I just wouldn’t burp near any open flames, frankly avoid flames all together to be sure.

Oh and the day after may be rough, i wouldn’t recommend using any vehicle for atleast 48hours…


Oh my, the hair i like on my chest is definetly not my own.

However, i do like potent beverages.

How does one experiment this moonshine of yours?

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The first property I acquired was a vineyard on Avair IV. I suppose it’s technically a Holding but I don’t keep slaves there. I bought the place to have somewhere I could go to relax. It’s rather scenic and reminds me a bit of where I grew up. The soil and other conditions are not the best for winemaking. We’ve tried several times and with a few exceptions, the wine lacks any kind of interesting character. So, we use the yearly crop of grapes to make a distilled liquor flavored with anise called arak. Arak is rather strong on it’s own, but usually it’s enjoyed mixed with water and ice. It’s often served with a multi-course selection of small dishes to snack on.

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By trial and error :laughing:, lets just say that a few relatives went with out eye brows for awhile.
We all had a really good laugh at my expense, when i tried it directly from the still. One sip and i was coughing badly, i ruined a designer jacket that day as spilled on it.

Miss Strife, that sounds very fancy. Kinda like Gallente nobility fancy, not for the average joe :slight_smile:

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Hug Juice™! Produced by Clan Stjörnauga on Huggar Station, Hug Juice™ is an industrial grade cleanser and engine degreaser made in the time-honored distillery traditions of the Sebiestor Tribe. Hug Juice™ is highly flammable, and has seen successful trials as a chemical incendiary for use in pest control. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

The Stjörnauga Clan accepts no legal liability for any of the following rumored side effects of the consumption of Hug Juice™: blindness, deafness, falling down lift, ventilation, and emergency access shafts, impotence, hair loss, nosebleeds, Shakorism, incontinence. incompetence, depression, mania, homicidal rage, cannibalism, paranoia, coma, amnesia, or death. Reports of spontaneous liver explosion after consumption of Hug Juice™ are anecdotal and should not be taken as scientific claims. No documented instances of hepatic combustion have been conclusively linked to Hug Juice™ in any legal proceedings. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT EXPOSE TO FEDO EMISSIONS.


Our client, the Federal Institute of Champagne Appellations would be understandably upset if we missed this opportunity to put in a good word in for its members.

Feille d’Marnne from Egghelende III gets all the attention but there are nearly twenty other recognised planetary appellations, each producing their own very fine sparking wines using vines transplanted from Central Garoun. There’s something to suite all palettes among the Institute’s members but my personal favourite is Giscardoise from Elarel IV. It’s at the sharp end of dry, not too flowery and with a splendid, zesty finish. Garouni purists may scoff but it also works well mixed with a dash of quarberry liqueur from Lyace.

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Black Label Rifter, a fine standard rum - on the rocks, to mix it is a sin.

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Leave it to monks to create the best wine not just for sacrament. There is a reason why Amaar wine can be potent in the right brewery. You actually need to go to the smaller towns for the best wine. Those towns who have a hard time keeping their water purifiers fixed often rely on the Church to make clean wine which is healthier than the water to drink. You usually find them on the rougher planets.

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Arrendis, I thought hug juice was banned…

Ferra, OOoh i will definetly put that on the list

Surely Ammar makes something more potent than wine, stuff that would make you curse what ever god you belived in the day after.

Have you ever attended a Sani Sabik party? They know their drinks.

It’s only banned from being marketed as a beverage within the Republic. We can’t control what those whacky feds do.

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The village peoples on Kaztropol make a Great Variety of Alcoholic Beverages from the agricultural produce that grows Here.

The mildest are Several different kinds of Fermented Fruit juices, which vary Considerably, due to differences in the local Yeast strains. They tend to be fairly Sweet and with a low Strength.

There are also Distilled products, made from Grains or Starchy Vegetables. These tend to be A Lot stronger.
There are also Frost Enriched products made in Cooler parts, where a Barrel of fruit juice will Freeze, allowing water to be Extracted, concentrating the Alcohol in the remaining Liquid. These can be Very Strong and sweet.

I do Not tend to Consume Alcohol in large Amounts, as it makes me Feel like I am Overheating.

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Oh my! I fear my sheltered nature has come back to haunt me! Please tell me more!

Can’t say i have, but now i am intrigued :slight_smile:

Ok now we are talking :smiley:

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