Floseswin brewery re-opens

During a small Hiatus after the recapture of Floseswin. I visited local townships and citys on Floseswin IV and damn did I have a good time, rumours of Amarr dug in and fighting for their “God” seem unfounded the only Amarr I saw were in chains begging for mercy… lucky for them I didn’t interfere “this time” in the prisoner of war process.

But lo and behold after all this destruction! The Floseswin Pale Ale factory “FPA” was still operating and producing the best beer in New Eden. It was some party! I think I may have bought shares, drunkenly some baseliners asked to see what combat was like in space, of course I obliged! but no Amarr were found in system and I had to return to with a full complement of disappointed but very drunk Matari… What a time to be alive…


The Twisted Elysium staff would like to strike a deal for anyone that can get contact with the brewery management . VIP access to one of our finest pleasure rooms until kick out, and we get the recipe…

-Prince <3


First things first as always, Pol Macsliebh.

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Better than Dal’s Ales? That said… Damn the Flos locals can pound them back, but still, you better not be hanging your hat elsewhere for too long Macsliebh! Hell, even The Wreathe and Rifter Imports straight from Dal now.

“Bash, bash, bash the hub,
Dal has the best bars!
If you see the Slaver scum,
Death to all Amarr!”


Stuff’s getting real. Wars have been started over less…


Dal’s Ales are mighty fine and by far “Dal has the best bars!” The locals in Dal love the FPA… But as Else said I don’t want to start a war, I just want to live in peace and run my Bar with Finch in Dal. Simple goals!

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We could use a case aboard the YORK II. Can you ship via courier?

All cases acquired are not located in “The Bar” in the Dal system… I will put one aside for you, when you next pass by drop in and pick it up.

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