Yo Ho Ho And The Bottle Of Rum

In about 3 days every capsuleer is to receive a gift bottle of

Admiral Noir’s Spiced Rum.

What are you going to do with yours?

  • Wait for the market price to rise? Now it’s ~500 ISK, like a cheap piss.
  • Spill it off, out of disgust, into your ship’s head? Oh wait our pod is our toilet.
  • Or you will just share a drink with friends? C’mon a gift tastes better when it is shared away :slight_smile:
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Keep it around. In case whoever at wherever handing these out ever comes within throwing range.


Mine just arrived. Now waiting for it’s time in the cellarette…

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I guess somebody tried to uncork the bottle of contention…

I don’t expect The Scope to bother investigating but maybe Gutter Press does?
Miss @Muck_Raker any comments?

The price is going up: ~1.8mil ISK and rising

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Saved mine for my Princess as it’s her birthday next month.

Hopefully I receive a party invite @Aiko_Danuja

And birthday gifts are becoming so much more expensive.

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Why is everything capsule related so expensive. I could buy a whole brewery for the cost of this swill.


The smallest units of our basic currency are kind of ridiculous to start with and the powers that be hand us partly-fitted corvettes and medical clones literally for free. And we get virtually drowned in high-value gifts every year about this time.

Basically, it’s the absurd inflationary power of “what it takes to interest an egger.”


Tonight as I sit up against the wall inside my hangar, the thought crossed my mind what has made princess done for me lately?

Sure her vampire minion informs of consequences that might happen if I don’t do as I should.

Do we give without acknowledgement or gratitude?

Looking at the bottle and wondering what does it taste like.

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Probably cheap, but market thinks otherwise :slight_smile:

~1.3mil ISK atm per bottle

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Perhaps the bottle needs to age.

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