Brassum Industry and Mining Initiative is Hiring! Apply Within!

Brassum Industry and Mining Initiative (BIAMI) is looking for players old and new to join our efforts! We offer many incentive programs including SRP, Ore Buyback, free ships for new players (or players who want to try a different side of Eve), BPC copies, and regular mining fleets!

We are a small social corp that’s growing steadily, and would love for you to grow with us!

If interested, feel free to visit our website!

Or you can reach out to Arkadius Brassum or Vaanen Yken Oriki in game!

We use eve-hr to vet new members, so spies and AWOXERs need not apply.

Come join our Corp!

-Abiona Brassum

This comment serves no purpose but to make sure the listing doesn’t expire. LOL.

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