Eletronic Battle Miners - EBM Wants You

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

EBM is recruiting new and old players of any caliber. We’re primarily wanting miners and industrials that don’t mind a little work. We will however take anyone who wishes to learn more about EVE and ways to make plenty of money.

  • Full api needed- new players dont need it
  • Buy back program
  • Free Ship program New Players
  • Orca Fleet Bonus

We have a fairly simple ore buyback program and a shares buy-in program for when the Corp makes profits. We provide Orca boosts with no scheduled Corporate mining ops so the members can maximize their returns. If this sounds simple enough to follow for you please join us in our pub channel and we will chit chat about your future with EBM.

Thanks and fly safe out there.

come join our chat in game: -EBM- Pub


Would like to know more details can we talk?

message me in game



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